Jill Tavelman: Early Life, Personal Life and Net Worth

Jill Tavelman is one of the famous actresses known as the ex-wife of Phil Collins. She is also popular for Extra with Billy Bush.  The public always stays interested in the partners or children of celebrities.  They follow the lives of husbands and wives who are singers, actresses, and athletes.

Just like others, Jill Tavelman is famous due to marriage to Phil Collins. Phil Collins is a popular drummer, actor, and singer; therefore, Jill Tavelman remains in the headlines. She became more famous when her daughter Lilly Collins came into the limelight.

Let’s talk about all the bio, career, and net worth of Jill Tavelman.

Early Life

Jill Tavelman was born on 9th April 1956. She is an architect by profession and appeared in Extra in 1994.  She also started her private business in 2019.  It was an antique store located in West Hollywood, California.

Personal Life

As we have already discussed, Tavelman is famous because of her marriage to Phil Collins.  They met each other in 1980 and got married in 1984. After five years, Tavelman gave birth to a little baby girl named lily.  Both faced many difficulties throughout their marriage.

Collins cheated on Tavelman because he had extramarital affairs with other women.  At last, the relationship ended, and divorced in 1994. Phill also openly said he was no longer in love with Jill. So divorced was finalized in 1996. Lilly Collins is a famous English American actress who was born in 1989.

She is talented and received numerous awards for amazing performance in many movies such as Love, Rosie, Rules Don’t Apply, and To the bone.

Her daughter says her mother is an important figure in her life and one of her biggest inspirations. Moreover, they are best friend and biggest support for one another.  She also shares pictures on social media with her mother.

Net Worth of Jill Tavelman

The estimated net worth of Jill Tavelman is almost 25 million dollars. Most of the earning comes from her architectural job. Being an architect, she earns between 60,550 and 102,680 dollars.   Moreover, she received £17 million when the couple separated in 1996.

She has a lavish residence as she purchases a mansion in 2016 for 12.4 million dollars.  This Waverly mansion was redesigned in the 1950s by John Elgin. This beautiful house consists of a library, tennis court, and four bedrooms.


Being ex-wife of  Phill Collins, Jill Tavelman is famous now as the mother of Lily Collins. Lily is her daughter and popular being an artist now. In this article, you can read about Jill Tavelman’s life.

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