Kalama Epstein Body Measurement and Net Worth

In the film industry, actors stick to their comfort zones and rarely venture outside them. A brilliant model and actor, Kalama Epstein is always looking for new challenges in the fields of film and fashion. He is a young enthusiast who has appeared in several films.

Kalama Epstein Body Measurement and Net Worth

This hot model and actor were born in Oahu, Hawaii, United States of America. The acting was a career he chose to pursue because of the encouragement he received from his parents. 


His mother, Kendra Porter Epstein, and father, Dan Epstein, have three children.


Fortunately, Kalama has two elder sisters, Kulani Epstein and Dallas Epstein, who always support him. In terms of education, this handsome individual has attended a private school on the island of Oahu. 

Kalama Epstein Body Measurement and Net Worth

Aside from this, this actor comes from white ethnicity and is American by nationality.

Kalama Epstein Body Measurement

The height of Kalama Epstein is 173 cm, which is ideal for a model. It is not uncommon for him to attend the gym regularly. 

Kalama Epstein Body Measurement and Net Worth (3)

In addition, this handsome has an impressive statuesque figure due to his slender build. Furthermore, he has maintained his weight at 62 kilograms.


As a young model, this young woman possesses a pair of black eyes and short black hair. As a bonus, his white skin complexion makes him look stunning in any outfit he chooses to wear. 


One of Epstein’s most distinguishing features is the cute smile he wears.

Kalama Epstein Net Worth

Since he was a child, this gentleman has enjoyed being a model. Having decided to be a director at 7, his ambition later led him to become a writer. 

Kalama Epstein Body Measurement and Net Worth

Finally, he was able to write, direct, and edit a short film entitled Silence in 2018. Furthermore, he also played the lead role in the film.


His most recent film appearance was in The Kid, which was released in 2013. The work he performs helps him to earn a living. 


As of 2022, Kalama has a net worth of $370k. Furthermore, he has been reported to earn up to $22,913 per year.


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