Kitchen Backsplashes Dazzle With Their Herringbone Designs!

Herringbone also called broken twill weave described a distinctive v-shaped wave pattern usually found in twill fabric. The pattern is called twill fabric because it resembles a skeleton of herring fish.

The backsplash is also a tile that is most widely used to make creative designs in the kitchen. Herringbone backsplash is the tile arrangement of the rectangle-shaped that are used for road concrete and floor tiling. And it’s designed has the resemblance with the bones of a fish named as herring. Therefore, it is famous with the name “herringbone backsplash”.


The tile is of rectangular shape or parallel organ shape. The ratio of the block edge is mostly 2:1. But sometimes people like to increase this ratio up to 3:1 according to their requirements. The designs and articles of this herringbone backsplash have symmetrical sequence. This symmetry will be continued till the end. On the other hand, you will find this herringbone in the mosaic, cloth, wallpaper, security printing, shoe tread, jewelry, and much more.

Designed Trends

It is most widely used in the following design trends.

  • Your favorite throw pillow
  • A rug
  • Anterior design elements
  • Curtains
  • Furniture
  • Wooden floor

Although it mostly used in almost in your favorite designs. But mostly you can furnish the floor with the walls of your kitchen as well with the herringbone. Here the different ways to get the creative designing for the kitchen with herringbone tiles used to decor the kitchen walls.

Classic White Herringbone Tile Backsplash

If you like this then white crisp fill is the best for it. The classic white design is also very famous to give a bright look to your area. Therefore, when you add some grace and light colors to your kitchen then this tile design is the best among all.

Contemporary neutral herringbone tile

If you want a more neutral and stylish look with light colors like grey. This color is the most appropriate color for all types of designs because it looks good in the up-to-date kitchen.

Dark & Graphic

Besides its natural color, it also has modern and stylish designs that add such a dark color with light contrast and lighter filling line. And this will create a very tremendous look.

Colorful Herringbone

It also looked amazing when colors will be added with herringbone tile. Its symmetrical mechanisms designs look just as well as an animated pop of shades.

Vertical Layout of Herringbone Tile

A vertical layout of these tiles is an amazing way to enhance the elements of designing that does not look overdone.

Large Format Herringbone Tile Backsplash

In herringbone pattern, a tile of large size has its own impact. And the most important is that you don’t have to require a lot of tiles to cover the area.

Herringbone Tile Floor

The herringbone is not bounded only for the kitchen walls and backsplash but its classic pattern is also famous for flooring as well.

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