Lorenzo Zurzolo

Lorenzo Zurzolo is an Italian actor who was born at 21th of March in the year 2000. He was born and brought up in Rome, Lazio, Italy, by his Father “Federico Zurzolo” and his Mother “GabroiaZurzolo”, along with his Brother “Ludovica Zurzolo”. Lorenzo has an adventurous, passionate and ambitious personality.


That’s why he chose the career of acting where he can experience everything he actually wants. It was easy for him to get into this due to his family connections. He started acting at the age of 7, in the year 2007. In this way, he got young in front of the camera which enhanced his acting skills and made him a professional actor.

At that time he played a small role of Dirigenete Rai in webseries Decameron di Daniele Luttazi. But soon he started getting featured in different movies and TV shows. However, The followers know him by the name of “Niccolo” which he played in the TV show BABY

After that, he got his appearance in more than 15 movies and performed very well in that which gave him a good number of audience to follow him. Later he joined Social platforms including Instagram and started earning from their too by advertising some famous and reputed brands.


With all that fame and popularity he has the ability to date anyone but still, he is single and has no sign of previous relationships in media. Maybe our Professional Actor is so focused on his career that he won’t want any distractions.

With such focus and hard work, he is able to earn around 500K USD with a salary of 50K USD. And as we say “Sky is just the beginning”. Surely his time is just started, and he is going to earn a lot more in the upcoming days.

Lorenzo Zurzolo Basic Information 

  • Lorenzo Zurzolo Date of Birth: 21 March 2000
  • Lorenzo Zurzolo Age: 21
  • Lorenzo Zurzolo Nationality: Italian
  • Lorenzo Zurzolo Religion: Christianity
  • Lorenzo Zurzolo Ethnicity: White
  • Lorenzo Zurzolo Eye Color: Blue
  • Lorenzo Zurzolo Hair Color: Luscious Brown
  • Lorenzo Zurzolo Horoscope: Aries
  • Lorenzo Zurzolo Networth: 500k USD
  • Lorenzo Zurzolo Instagram Followers: 1.2M

Lorenzo Zurzolo Body Measurements: 

  • Lorenzo Zurzolo Height: 5′ 11”
  • Lorenzo Zurzolo Weight: 70Kg
  • Lorenzo Zurzolo Shoe Size: 10UK
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