Lucifer Season 5, Part 2 Theories: Get Here’s How Lucifer ‘Wished’ Chloe into Existence?

Lucifer series is such a delightful gem to find. The great humor with a touch of the eternal theme is precise “what you desire” when you relax and turn on Netflix.

Through the Genesis Bible stories, the writers are stealing the hearts from the start. We all grew up giving plot lines such weight as we all wonder just what those first created human souls. It could have been like as portrayed by such a talented cast.

Tasteful, respectful, and charming as this may well be the favorite Netflix show.  Fans are predicting that this show has a glorious ending next season.

Lucifer is a colossal win and worth my year’s membership fee by itself. Each case is easy to follow. And fans love the supernatural elements of the show.

In this series, Lucifer is a relatable, human-like individual who starts to break down his walls throughout the series. You can see his partnership with Chloe evolve.

His humor is infectious, and his relationships with the other characters are unique. As Lucifer & Chloe solve each case, they relate those scenarios to their personal lives to figure out how to solve their issues.

Lucifer even has celestial siblings that sometimes throw a wrench in his plans and leave you on the edge of your seat. It is such a binge-worthy series.

Lucifer Season 5: Fans Theories

As the last half of Lucifer’s fifth season approaches now. However, the fans are hopeful some crucial questions will finally get answered.

Within the latest installment of the hit Netflix series, Chloe Decker discovered the reality behind her birth, but there might be even more secrets to unfold when the series continues.

Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) is returned to Earth to pay Chloe Decker (Lauren German) a much-needed visit within the fantasy drama series’ latest installment.

Unfortunately, the loving pair wasn’t banking on Lucifer’s devious twin brother Michael. They are unleashing his decision to mock the devil and send him back to hell.

Their head-to-head came to an epic conclusion within the midseason finale. And the showdown within the LAPD was crashed by the long-awaited return of God (Dennis Haysbert).

Now the literal Ruler of All Creation has finally made his entrance. Fans hope Lucifer’s Dad can clear up a variety of mysteries left unsolved throughout the series.

Most pressing is the real purpose of Chloe Decker’s charming birth, who is born to her previously infertile mother because of a visit from Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside).

It still isn’t clear why Amenadiel wants to bestow Penelope Decker with a blissful child.


Indeed, within the latest season, Chloe was understandably distressed by the thought her whole purpose could are to supply a ‘gift’ for Lucifer once they eventually crossed paths.

While Lucifer and Chloe’s destinies are almost certainly entangled, the series still hasn’t revealed the real significance behind the detective’s birth.

At the start of the Lucifer Season 1, Lucifer’s relationship with his father is worse than ever. Therefore, God remains refusing to answer his desperate prayers for help.

However, after one last cry into the void, Lucifer swiftly runs into Chloe Decker, and therefore the rest is history.

The fans are convincing Lucifer’s loneliness on Earth indirectly, a reason for his almighty father to make Chloe and eventually draw the pair together.

You can get the Lucifer Season 5 part 1 on Netflix.

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