Lucifer Showrunners Respond To Sandman’s Version Of Classic Character

On Netflix, Lucifer listeners share their thoughts on Gwendoline Christie’s version of Lucifer Morningstar. The Sandman TV show is Netflix’s first TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s critically acclaimed comic series. They initially planned it as a live-action film. However, it had reworked into a television series to give Gaiman’s estate a more prominent role instead of two hours on screen. They have granted permission for this project.

Lucifer Showrunners Respond To Sandman’s Version Of Classic Character

The Sandman follows Morpheus and the Endless, an anthropomorphic family representing essential facets of reality. One of the major players in India, the Sandman Season 1, was Lucifer Morningstar, played by a Game of Thrones and Star wars Star, Gwendoline Christie. Before taking on his current role, Tom Ellis previously starred as a DC/Vertigo character for six seasons.
Lucifer Showrunners Respond To Sandman’s Version Of Classic Character

Gaiman’s creation is reimagined as a procedural in this procedural fantasy series. They broadcast three seasons of Lucifer on Fox until they canceled the show, saving Netflix from the show’s finale in 2021, the Sandman. They held both premieres on the same stage.

Lucifer supports Christie’s rendition of The Sandman, although Ildi Modrovich and Joe Henderson’s original Sandman don’t want to connect with them.


In a new TV interview promoting Lucifer Season 6 on Blu-ray/DVD, the show’s co-producers discuss Sandman’s battle with the devil. Henderson admired his portrayal of Lucifer as The Sandman. According to Lucifer’s Coshowrunner, Alice would have been unfit for the character of Sandman Disha, also mentioning the significant differences between the two versions.

Lucifer Showrunners Respond To Sandman’s Version Of Classic Character

Despite Alice Lucifer’s popularity, Henderson is absolutely right. Even though his show explored many complex sides of Lucifer, he never developed into a systematically vicious enemy like Christie’s. The Sandman Season 1. Furthermore, Lucifer Season 6 ended happily with Chloe Decker as the title character. As an antagonist, she would have been doomed. 


There’s always the possibility of a crossover down the road, where Christie’s Lucifer and the Sandman share the screen. Lucifer began as a self-sufficient world, but Crisis on Eternal Earth revealed that Alice’s character resides on Earth-666, bringing Lucifer into the Arrowverse.


Despite the brief cameo, it opened up the possibility of a Lucifer Crossover with other DC properties. There is no doubt that Sandman can be one of them if the Netflix drama decides to invite Ellis back for a possible season 2 or beyond.

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