MacBook Pro M1 VS. MacBook Pro M2: Which One is Better?

MacBook Pro M2 VS MacBook Pro M1: Comparison

Apple made a bold decision to make its own processor rather than rely on Intel. So, in 2020, Apple revealed its first in-class processor, M1, which was embedded in its 13-inch MacBook Pro 2020.


A new processor was introduced, which raised the roof and created a great deal of buzz within the tech community. Apple’s MacBook Pro M1 delivered exceptional results, and the benchmark scores were much higher than those of the Intel processor.


Due to this, the MacBook Pro M1, which was released in 2020, sold out in a very short period of time. The introduction of the M1 chip raised the bar, and people expected Apple to achieve the same level of quality and performance with the release of the MacBook Pro M2 in June 2022.


Which MacBook Pro M1 or MacBook Pro M2 wins the war? Take a look and let’s find out.

MacBook Pro M1 And MacBook Pro M2: Chip

M1 Chip Vs. M2 Chip

There are virtually no differences between the MacBook Pros, 2020, and 2022, apart from the 24-GB support available in the 2022 MacBook Pro.

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In both laptops, the only difference is the chipset. In the MacBook Pro 2020 model, the M1 chip is available, while in the MacBook Pro 2022 model, the M2 chip is available.

MacBook Pro M1 Vs. MacBook Pro M2: 13-inch MacBook Pro

Both chipsets, M1 and M2, use a 5nm manufacturing process. It is important to note that the M2 chip has a total of four billion more transistors than the M1. However, the number of cores in both chipsets is the same, at eight. Four of the cores are dedicated to performance, and the other four are dedicated to efficiency.


M1 and M2 differ in that M1 supports unified memory up to 24GB, while M1 supports unified memory up to 16GB. Therefore, the bandwidth difference between the two chips is approximately 50%. The bandwidth in M2 has now been increased to 100GBPs.


Furthermore, according to CPU performance tests conducted by several tech companies, M2 is on average 18% faster than M1 as a result of the improvements made to its architecture. As such, this result falls within Apple’s actual performance claim.


According to Geekbench 5, both chipsets achieved the following results:


  • A single-core M2 processor scored 1928, while a multi-core M2 processor scored 8990
  • In 2022, the M1 scored 1749 in single-core performance and 7719 in multi-core performance


Now, when it comes to graphical performance, there is a noticeable difference. In comparison to M1, M2 has a GPU that features ten cores, while M1 has an eight-core GPU.


It is estimated that the MacBook Pro 2022 M2 has almost 35% more GPU cores than the MacBook Pro 2022 M1.


According to Apple, gamers who play graphically intensive games will benefit from MacBook Pro 2022 M2 by 40%. On their Apple laptops, people who process raw images or work with graphics experience the same problem.


However, video exporting experiments did not demonstrate significant differences between the M2 and M1 processors. As an example, Apple Insider reports that the 20 minute 4K video on the MacBook Pro 2022 M2 took 10 minutes to export. Furthermore, the same video took 10 minutes and 14 seconds on a second-hand MacBook Pro 2020 M1.

Should You Upgrade from MacBook Pro M1 to MacBook Pro M2?

Despite the fact that the M2 in MacBook Pro 2022 is a little more powerful than the M1 in MacBook Pro 2020, this difference is insignificant to justify spending your money if you are already an existing MacBook Pro 2020 M1 user.


There is no doubt that the M1’s chip performs well in all areas. In addition, if you are a typical user, there seems to be little benefit in switching from M1 to M2. The switch from MacBook Pro M1 to MacBook Pro M2 2022 may make sense if you are a video editor or a graphic designer looking for that little bit of extra performance from your MacBook.


You should consider upgrading to MacBook Pro M1 if you are still using the Intel processor that was introduced with MacBooks until 2019.

Which MacBook Pro Should You Buy in 2022?

The refurbished MacBook Pro M1 2020 version is a good choice if you are on a budget but do not wish to compromise on quality or performance.


There is no doubt that buying the brand new MacBook Pro M2 2022 will give you an edge in terms of performance, but you will have to pay a lot of money to do so. Therefore, you can purchase a refurbished MacBook Pro M1 2020, which performs as well as the brand new MacBook Pro M2 2022.


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