Markiplier Body Measurements, Height, Weight, Life, Career, Net Worth

Markiplier who is also known as Mark Edward Fischbach. He s a renowned American YouTuber Star, social media personality, and entertainer.  Mark got tremendous fame by his Youtube account named Markiplier Game. He posted action video games, indie games, and gameplay commentary videos on his channel.

Early Life

Mark Edward was born on 28th June 1989 at the Triple Army Medical Center in Honolulu. His father was a German American, and his mother is a native Korean. He an one older brother named Jason, who is an author of the webcomic Twokinds.  The family shifted to Cincinnati, Ohio and Mark grew up here.

Markiplier studied biochemical engineering at the University of Cincinnati. However, he dropped out and pursued his Youtube career.


Now Mark has become the social media personality with more than 27.2 million subscribers on YouTuber, 12 million on Twitter, 3.2 million on Facebook, 8.3 million on Instagram, and 1.7 million on Twitch, and 689,000 Tiktok.

The very first time, he posted a comedy sketch and other types of comedic videos on the channel.  After that, he started adding gaming videos on Youtube.

His most famous gaming videos are Amnesia: the Dark Descent, Slender: The Eight Pages, and Surgeon Simulator.

Furthermore, sketch comedy videos made the central part of Mark’s channel. Markiplier also collaborated with other YouTuber stars in which Crankgameplays, Jacksepticeye, LordMinion777, Muyskerm, PewDiePie, Matthias, Game Grumps,  Lixian Tv, and some others included.

He hosted many liver streaming charity shows on his channel to raise money for important work. Mark played the games on these live streaming to collect donations for charities and organizations.  Cincinnati Children Hospital Medical Center, Best Friends animal society, and the depression and bipolar support  Alliance in these organizations. He and his viewers raised more than $3 million for many charities in 2018.

Mark took a break from Youtube in 2018 when his step-niece Miranda was killed in a car accident at 19. At this time, he released a video and explained that he would not make videos.  In 2015 and 2016, mark also appeared on Youtube’s Rewind. In 2019, he announced a new venture, a Youtube Originals production called “A Heist With Markiplier.” Furthermore, he chooses his own adventure story that was contained 30 different possible endings and features famous gaming YouTubers such as Game Grumps and Rosanna Pansino.

Markiplier Measurements

Markiplier Height: 5’10”

Markiplier Weight: 79 kg

Markiplier Hair Color: Dark Brown

Markiplier Eye Color: Dark Brown

Other Detail

Markiplier Date of Birth: June 28, 1989

Markiplier Age: 31 years old

Markiplier Nationality: American

Markiplier Horoscope: Cancer

Markiplier Spouse/ Girlfriend: Amy Nelson

Markiplier Profession: YouTube personality

Relationship Status

In 2015, Mark started dating Amy Nelson, but they kept their relationship secret.  However, the first time they made their appearance in the public eye in the mid of 2016.  There were constant speculations about them, and Amy got annoyed. Therefore, she decided to put these rumours end and posted a  picture of them on Twitter in June 2016. Now they have collaborated videos on Youtube.

Net Worth of Markiplier

The estimated net worth of Markiplier is $35 million. He is one of the highest-paid star Youtuber stars. Mark earns 410-$20 million every year from his different social media platforms.

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