Markiplier Family, Age, Net Worth

We estimate On 28 June 1989, Markiplier was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States. At the present time, he resides in Los Angeles, California, United States. In addition to being an American YouTuber, Podcaster, and social media personality, Markiplier is also a well-known podcaster.


The most popular games played by Markiplier include Five Night at Freddy’s, Amnesia: The Dark Departure, and many others. We will discuss Markiplier’s Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Wife, Girlfriend, and Biography in this article.


Markiplier is one of the most popular American YouTubers. Fischbach’s real name is Mark Edward Fischbach. There are several nicknames for him, including Marki-Moo, Marki-Poo, Darkiplier, and Markplier.


In his professional capacity, he is a well-known Internet personality. Founder and operator of the YouTube channel, podcaster, and social media personality. Since the beginning of 2013, he has been posting videos to YouTube.


There is also a second personality in Markiplier called Darkiplier, which fans refer to as his Alter Ego. It is not uncommon for his alter ego to take over from time to time, and fans are quick to notice when he begins to behave in an odd or outlandish manner. 


In terms of subscribers, he currently has around 30 million subscribers on YouTube. His content has been viewed more than 16.3 billion times, making him one of the most viewed YouTubers in history.


Markiplier Date of Birthday 28 June 1989
Markiplier Age (as in 2022) 33
Markiplier Birthplace Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Markiplier Nationality American
Markiplier Hometown Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Markiplier Zodiac Sign Leo
Markiplier  Religion Christianity


Markiplier Educational Qualification Degree in Biomedical Engineering
Markiplier School Milford High School
Markiplier College/University University of Cincinnati


Markiplier Family

Markiplier was born on 28 June, 1989, in Honolulu, Hawaii as Mark Edward Fischbach. As of the date of this writing, Markiplier is 33 years old. The Tripler Army Medical Center was the place where he was born.


He is the son of Cliffton M. Fischbach (died 2008), a German American who served in the United States Armed Forces. As a member of the army stationed in Korea, he became acquainted with Fischbach’s mother, a native Korean.


Upon his birth, Markiplier’s family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he was raised.


They have a youngest son, Markiplier, who is the youngest child of their parents. Jason Thomas Fischbach, his elder brother, is a manga writer and artist.


Markiplier Father Cliffton M. Fischbach
Markiplier Mother Sunok
Markiplier Sisters Nonoe
Markiplier Brother Jason Thomas Fischbach


Markiplier Relationship Status

At the present time, Markiplier is not married. Before he was able to make a career in the music industry, his first girlfriend dumped him. Amy, her partner, and he are in a very passionate relationship. There are videos they make together that can be seen on YouTube.


Markiplier Marital Status Unmarried
Markiplier Affairs/Girlfriends Amy Nelson

Markiplier Net Worth

There is no doubt that Markiplier is one of the most prominent YouTube personalities. The annual earnings of Markiplier from his various social media endeavors range between $10 and $20 million.


We estimate Markiplier earned $12.5 million in 2017, and $17.5 million in 2018, which makes him the sixth highest-paid YouTube star in the world.


Markiplier earned $13 million in 2019 and $20 million in 2020, making him the world’s third-highest-paid YouTuber. By 2022, earnings will exceed $80 million.


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