Melissa Meeks gets lip fillers and Botox News

‘Hot Felon Jeremy Meeks’ repelled spouse Meelisa has revealed her most recent remedial change while on her mission to conduct a flawless body in response to being dumped for Topshop beneficiary Chloe Green.

A 38-year-old woman with a seven-year-old child, Jeremy Jr., and a 33-year-old criminal turned demonstrator in Las Vegas showed off a plumped frown, and a clean face after Dr. Stile gave her a straight-to-the-point Juvederm filler infusion in her lips and Botox in her brows.

The entire procedure was captured, and Melissa proudly displayed her new makeover in a series of previews following the strategies.

The mother-of-three touched base at the therapeutic office wearing thin dark pants, and a dim V-neck sweater finished with a calfskin coat, which she vacated before catnapping on the analyzing seat.

Before injecting Melissa’s brow and eyebrows with Botox, Las Vegas-based Plastic Surgery Dubai marked Melissa’s face with a red marker.

He further bore her mouth open while giving her filler injections in her lips to pump up her grumpiness. Melissa’s eyebrows are detectably pitched in the after snapshots, and her lips are puffy and puckered.

Additionally, Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery Dubai had extensions of mink adhesively placed on her eyelashes, and she underwent an anti-aging cryotherapy treatment.

Dr. Sheila Nazarian, a vaginal fixing specialist, completed her makeover by treating her vaginal tissue. Besides fixing the skin and leveling out its appearance, this technique is performed on different body parts.

In addition, only a  couple of months before, she had her breast surgery from Breast Augmentation Dubai, and she also had a rhinoplasty to thin down the extension of her nose and brighten her teeth.

Melissa emphasized that she didn’t get surgery to win back her ex, telling Inside Edition in September that she was doing it for herself.

‘I think the best revenge for yourself is to look attractive,’ she remarked. ‘Who doesn’t want to look their best?’

Melissa’s newest cosmetic treatments happened less than a week after being spotted in Las Vegas partying with billionaire Donald ‘DJ’ Friese amid allegations that they are ‘dating.’

‘When Jeremy left her, Melissa felt betrayed, and seeing images of him with Chloe — jetting around the globe and hanging out on boats – upset her,’ a source told The Sun.

‘Now she’s moved on and found her billionaire with whom she can have some fun.’ Melissa and DJ appeared to be becoming close at the concert and were having a great time together; they had clicked.’

‘Melissa and DJ are simply buddies,’ said a spokesman for Melissa, denying that they were an official couple. They’ve only lately met.’

While the mother-of-three and the heir to a glazing supplies firm rocked out at the performance, Chloe and Jeremy went skiing on Friday.




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