Michael Strahan Says Ex-wife Jean Muggli Abuse Their Twin Daughters After Divorce, Is It True?

If you are a true American then you surely knows that Michael Strahan is a well-renowned American TV Personality and former football player. 50 years old Michael has always been the center of attention as he never restrain from engaging his fans and contribute to the greater good of humanity.

You know what – he even went to the space back in 2021. However, sometime ago, it was a dispute with ex-wife Jean Muggli which threw spotlight on Michael.

Basically, Michael accused Jean Muggli that she has been abusing their twin daughters following the divorce. Everyone knows that Michael married Muggli in 1999 three years after his first divorce. It was December 2004 when Muggli gave birth twin daughters named Isabella and Sophia. However, things couldn’t go well between the famous couple and they split soon. Their divorce was finalized in July 20, 2006. Jean Muggli received $15 million in the divorce settlement other than the $18,000 monthly child support.

Michael Strahan daughters

One thing’s pretty obvious that Michael and Muggli ended things on a bitter note. During the divorce case, Muggli accused Michael of cheating and domestic violence. She even claimed that Michael made her sister’s naked video. However, the court dismissed the claims. Many years passed by when Michael took a stand for his daughters who have grown up very well. Michael has been trying to win over his daughters’ custody as he believes that Jean Muggli abuses them physically and mentally. She doesn’t let them participate in any sports activities and has been controlling their lives all along.

Michael Strahan daughters

Michael Strahan has been a good parent who never failed to fulfill his commitments. However, there has been numerous instances when Jean Muggli appears to be the an uncooperative parent. Michael believes that his ex-wife is always after the money, neglecting a parent’s duties.

We hope that they will soon resolve their issues for their beautiful daughters whose lives are at stake due to their bitter ex-rivalry.

Michael Strahan daughters

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