Natalie Roser Body Measurement and Net Worth

During 2014’s The Face Australia, Natalie Roser made headlines after she won the competition. Her performance won the hearts of many, even though she didn’t win the contest.

Natalie Roser Body Measurement and Net Worth

A gorgeous model named Natalie Roser was born in Newcastle, Australia, on March 18, 1990. In her birth sign, Pisces, she was born. Additionally, she has an Australian nationality and belongs to an ethnic group made up of whites.


In addition to her father and mother, we do not have any information about her other family members. The review team will let you know once they have gathered factual information. The 28-year-old diva grew up with her brother Brad Roser, but we do not know much about her background.

Natalie Roser Body Measurement and Net Worth

In terms of her educational background, Natalie spent four years studying photography before moving to Sydney.

Natalie Roser Body Measurement 

It is impossible not to notice how good-looking the model is everywhere she goes. It measures 5 ft 7 in and weighs 48 kg. The model is slim and fair, standing 5 ft 7 in and weighing 48 kg. Her blonde hair and blue eyes make her look even more stunning. 

Natalie Roser Body Measurement and Net Worth

It is still under review whether additional details about her body measurements, such as the size of her bra, her shoe size, and the size of her dress, are available. In the event that we find out about any genuine reports, we will keep you posted. I look forward to keeping you posted!


Natalie Roser Net Worth

With her appearance as a model, Natalie Roser has amassed a considerable amount of fortune.

Natalie Roser Body Measurement and Net Worth

According to our estimates, Natalie Roser’s net worth is $1 million (AUD). It is her modeling career that provides her with the majority of her income. The Miss Universe Australia & Fox8 promotions earned her her million dollars, based on our records.


She didn’t become a successful model overnight. To reach the level of height she’s at today, she had to put in a lot of passion, dedication, and hard work. 


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