New Kate Kane for Batwoman Auditioned Soon After Ruby Rose Left!

Batwoman’s new Kate Kane actress, Wallis Day, reports she auditioned for the part right after Ruby Rose exited the show. The Arrowverse’s Batwoman first premiered within the fall of 2019, with Orange is that the New Black actress Rose to play Kate. With the Arrowverse only growing bigger and larger year after year, it seemed likely that Rose would be sticking around for a short time.

Last year, fans were thrown for a loop when Rose declared that she would be leaving the CW series after its season 1. Besides all reports, Batwoman would recast Kate for the replacement, and the show opted to manage things in a new direction.

Instead, the producers created an ingenious character named Ryan Wilder, who would then take over the Batwoman mantle. Javicia Leslie was cast in July and made her official debut within the Batwoman season 2 premiere. Rose’s departure was explained by Kate going missing just before the season began, with the door open for the actress to return within the future potentially. At least, that was how it seemed.

Audiences got their second surprise when Batwoman season 2, episode 8 showed Kate, albeit together with her face drastically changed. Krypton actress Day is now Batwoman’s Kate Kane.

Ahead of her official debut as Kate in Sunday’s Batwoman, Day sat down with CBR to debate her journey up to the present point. Day touched upon her audition process for the show. And she is revealing something that may come as a surprise. And said, she is going to play the role of Kate shortly after Rose left.


It looks like Day was cast as Kate back when Batwoman has to stay the main target on her. However, once they get to make Ryan instead, Day is informing of their “different direction.” It makes one wonder when the writing staff willing to revisit Kate, a twist that upset many fans. It wasn’t one they are planning for at the beginning of Batwoman season 2.

However, they are visiting the series later on because the episodes went on. Audiences are still waiting to ascertain what this new Kate will be like. Therefore, they’re going to start to urge some answers with the subsequent episode.

For her part, Rose shared her support for Day after revealing the official change. Many fans were disappointed that Batwoman is selecting to require Kate during a new direction. However, until Day makes her proper debut, it is best not to make any early judgments. She is technically cast fairly soon after Rose left. Batwoman seems to talk to her talent and suggests she’ll be a worthy replacement. Audiences can cast their judgment after they see her in action tonight.

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