Phil Collins’s ex-wife Orianne Cevey ‘had an affair with a stripper:

Do you know who Phil Collins is? He is a singer-songwriter, record producer, drummer, and actor. Phil is best known as a drummer and lead singer of Genesis’s rock band. Collins started his career in 1981.

Orianne Cevey married Phil in 1999, but their relationship didn’t go far, and they separated in 2008 because of an embarrassing moment of her secret relationship scandal leaks with stripper Preston Thompson.

Cevey presented Thompson to his husband as her familiar friend; oh god, it’s happened; she was engaged with Thompson for the last 14 months of her relationship while still living with Collins at his Miami Beach mansion.

Phil Collins's ex-wife Orianne Cevey

Thompson openly said that Orianne Cevey had helped him, for his finances were affected. He also tells about the relationship with Cevey. Thompson says she rained him with gifts, adding a £70,000 Mercedes G-Wagon and expensive designer clothes. Also, this mysterious couple had sex before marriage.

She took him off on a private jet to the Bahamas, took him as her date to Sir Elton John’s A-list Oscars party, and introduced him to his husband. But his husband got something wrong.

After some days, Phil knew her wife was cheating on him. She only loved his money, not him, and they split in the end.

Thompson said: ‘If I were in Phil’s situation, I would feel highly disrespected.

He cares about her, but she doesn’t need care; she needs more money for fun.

‘According to my point of view, she wants to live a glorious life, but Phil ends with that and has gone. Orianne’s still young and wants to hang out with good-looking guys. She behaves badly with Phil. She is two-faced,’ he ended.

Orianne has married her new husband, Thomas Bates, into her ex-husband’s home in Miami Beach, which has led to a painful court battle between her and Phil, Orianne Cevey and Phil Collins.

Phil Collins's ex-wife Orianne Cevey

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