Pokémon Happy Meal Will Be Restricted At UK McDonalds to Fight Scalpers!

The sales of Pokémon Happy Meals within the UK will be restricted, following scalpers spoiling an equivalent event in other countries thanks to the free cards.

The Pokémon Happy Meal promotion at UK McDonald’s stores will face additional restrictions to prevent scalpers from buying up all stocks. The Pokémon Happy Meal event celebrates the 25th anniversary of the series. And it’ll include unique cards.

The Pokémon Card Game is nearly as old because of the video games. And therefore, the cards have developed as a part of advancements before. The Pokémon Happy Meal promotion involves a set of 25 cards.

It is supported by the various starter Pokémon that have appeared over the years. There also are two versions of every card, as foil variants also can be found in Happy Meals.

The promotion started in North America in February, but it won’t begin within the UK until 19th May.

Scalpers ruined the Pokémon Happy Meal promotion within the past. An entire set can sell for many dollars online. It has led to scalpers buying as many Happy Meals as possible in search of the cards, which stopped kids (the target audience) from having the ability to receive them.

And it led to the food being wasted. Consistent with Video Games Chronicle, measures are already being put into place to stop scalpers from ruining the event when it starts within the UK.

The measures will involve preventing customers from purchasing. They may receive quite one other toy when buying a cheerful Meal.

It may only stop people from trying to urge multiple card packs from one purchase. So there doesn’t appear to be anything stopping scalpers from just buying many Happy Meals within the hope of getting the entire set.


The US stores encouraged a limit to attack the number of Happy Meals sold directly.

However, it can likely also inherit force within the UK, but even that may not a guarantee. Nothing stops a scalper from just driving to multiple restaurants in one town and repeating the cycle throughout the day.

There is a booming marketplace for old Pokémon cards on websites like eBay. These are available with a number of them fetching over 1 / 4 of 1,000,000 dollars at auction.

The 25th-anniversary set may be a rare example of this happening with fashionable cards. And these will only be available for a brief period of your time.

It’s good to ascertain that McDonald’s is ready for the demand for the cards. However, the promotion involves the United Kingdom later this month.

Still, if months of PS5/Xbox shortages have proven anything, it’s that dealers will attend to any lengths to ruin someone’s day.

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