Remember Rachel Weisz From The Mummy?

If you are a 90s kid (like me) then you’ll surely remember Evelyn from The Mummy film series. You would be surprised to know what she has been doing since then. Rachel Weisz who played Evelyn Carnahan in the first two parts of The Mummy Trilogy has worked in various other famous films including Constatine, The Deep Blue Sea, Disobedience, and Black Widow until now.

Rachel Weisz has always been mesmerizing us as both her beauty and acting are beyond exceptional. I clearly remember it was back in the 2000s when I saw her for the first time on the big screen. It was her film “The Mummy” that I watched and fell for her remarkable acting skills. Surprisingly, more than two decades have passed but she is still young, beautiful, and energetic. To be honest, I have watched her multiple times afterward but failed to recognize her as she has grown to be more charming. Rachel Weisz truly manifests timeless beauty with phenomenal acting skills. 

Rachel Weisz

Did you know that it was none other than Rachel Weisz who played Melina Vostokoff in The Black Widow? Oh yes, it was Rachel who played the adoptive mother of Natasha Romanova. Undoubtedly, Rachel pulled off the black widow’s role with absolute observance and her performance was very impressive. I am sure that you would also love her to watch in action as an integral part of MCU.

Let me reveal some more interesting facts about her. You would surely be amazed to know that once Rachel starred against Tom Hiddleston. Yes, our very own Loki worked with Rachel A.K.A Melina in the famous film, The Deep Blue Sea. Their acting was really phenomenal and everything including the film’s storyline was very captivating.

If you are wondering when will she appear on the big screen again then take into account that Rachel Weisz will star in Legendary’s Adaptation of Seance on a Wet Afternoon. This horror-thriller crime film is currently under production and will feature the story of a mentally unstable psychic who kidnaps a wealthy kid just to renown her extraordinary ability.

Rachel Weisz

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