What Happened to Rosamund Pike’s Partner Robie Uniacke After He Lost His Company?

Robie Uniacke, a British businessman and mathematical researcher has been the center of attention for the world since he started dating the famous English actress Rosamund Pike. They both haven’t married but are living a successful and happy life together with their two children, altogether. Some time ago, an unpleasant news regarding Robie’s career ignited the interest of Rosamund’s fans. It was revealed that Rovie Uniacke lost the directorship at his company when he failed to pay £200,000 worth tax.


Robie Uniacke

It is believed that Robie Uniacke company “Pale Fire” went into a chaos when he admitted that he has committed a number of offences along with not paying the tax on time. Anyhow, there might a possibility that Robie Uniacke suffered some terrible losses in the business which lead him to this disaster. Unfortunately, Robie came under the red spot light when all this happened and worldwide people started talking about him as he is connected to Rosamund Pike.


If you would like to know more about Robie Uniacke then let us tell you that he was born in 1961. Just like Rosamund, he birth place is England. However, there’s a big age gap between the famous couple. As Rosamund was born in 1979, she is around 18 years younger than Robie. Surprisingly, their age difference never came in between them and since 2009, they have been living together happily.


Robie Uniacke

Rosamund has often regarded Robie as a supporting partner who helps her through things. She believes that Robie’s astute mind’ has always sharpen her focus towards her career and shape the way she needs to adopt the persona of her film characters. Luckily, both of them found pure love in each other after facing so many hurdles in life.


Seeing Robie and Rosamund, we can firmly state that no matter how much life gets harsh, if you have a partner who loves you and supports you through every thick and through then nothing else matters.


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Robie Uniacke


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