Rouba Saadeh Net Worth, Career, Biography, And Personal Life

Rouba Saadeh is best known as an accomplished Lebanese fashion designer, but she is also famous as the ex-wife of the Italian singer, actor, and model Michele Morrone. Currently, she is employed by the Elie Saab company.

Rouba Saadeh

In addition to her role as Le Paradis Des Fous, she also writes about a variety of design products, such as clothing and smartphones. Founder of her company, she is unbeatable when it comes to her love of fashion. Saadeh and her sons live a comfortable and happy life together.

Quick Facts 

Real Name: Rouba Saadeh


Rouba Saadeh Date of Birth: 15th April 1987


Rouba Saadeh Place of Birth: Lebanon


Rouba Saadeh Age: 35 years old


Rouba Saadeh Nationality: Lebanese


Rouba Saadeh Profession: Fashion Designer, founder, coordinator, Freelance graphic designer


Rouba Saadeh Zodiac Sign:


Rouba Saadeh Height: 5’6″


Rouba Saadeh Weight: 55 kg


Rouba Saadeh Spouse: Michele


Rouba Saadeh Children: N/A


Rouba Saadeh Instagram: @roubasaadeh


Rouba Saadeh Twitter: @SaadehRouba

Rouba Saadeh Career

The first day of Saadeh Morrone’s professional career was at Publicis Graphic Lebanon in 2018. Before joining Alpha-MIC1, she worked on a graphic site. After launching her fashion company Paradise of Fools, Rouba closed it a year later. Currently, she is working for Elie company since June 2019.

Rouba Saadeh

Rouba Saadeh Early Life and Education

Rouba is a Lebanese fashion designer who has worked hard to make a name for herself in this field. The date of her birth is 15th April 1987. In addition to attending Notre Dame de Jamhour College in Baabda, Lebanon, she graduated with a diploma in fashion design and a degree in business administration.

Rouba Saadeh

Magnolia raised her under the guidance of her mother. As far as her father is concerned, there is no information available. Furthermore, she is the sister of a brother and has two siblings.

Rouba Saadeh  Net Worth

In exchange for her fashion work, Saadeh receives a handsome salary. It is estimated that the Elie Saab brand earns approximately $69,500 per year on average. The estimated net worth of Saadeh is $600,000, according to some sources.


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