Silvery Barbs on DnD 5e Review

Upon first glance, Silvery Barbs appear to be a highly effective tactical weapon. It would be helpful to have a more detailed discussion about this topic. It should be noted that “Silvery Barbs” is a level 1 exceptionally school spell that can only be accessed by bards, sorcerers, and wizards. 


There are several spells that grant the ability to cast this spell, including Fey Touched, Magic Initiate, and the recently published Strixhaven Initiate feat. The fact that a spell of this nature is difficult to cast is readily apparent if you have noticed even one of the numerous troubling abuse cases it allows. 


It will be even worse if we define each specific case of abuse within the spell, which will make it worse for everyone.

Some Important Rules

The results can be summarized roughly as follows:


  • A first-level enchantment available to Bards, Sorcerers, and Wizards
  • Verbal element with a range of 60 feet, cast as a Reaction whenever a target successfully attacks, checks, or saves
  • When the activating goal rolls a new d20, it takes the outcome that is lower than the result of either of its productive d20 rolls.
  • When Silvery Barbs is cast, the backup target, which would be the caster, receives an advantage on any subsequent attack, check, or save.

Uses and misuses

There are many different conditions in which Silvery Barbs can be useful across the entire level range. Whenever a member of the party appears to have access to the spell, your participant has an incredibly powerful and effective property.

Ignoring Essential Strikes

If an activating creature attempts to make an attack roll, it rolls a normal 20. Your response is “what about no,” and the monster rolls once more for their attack. Though it is doubtful, they always had a one in twenty chance of being physically attacked. You will be able to prevent your entire team from suffering from hit points if you cast Silvery Barbs.

Nullify the impacts of the Benefit

Activating creatures roll lucky attacks, checks, and saves. Silvery Barbs is unmotivated. In the event that they are successful, Silvery Barbs attempts to force them to roll a supplemental d20 and employ the lowest result. For those who rolled with Gain, it should not matter which d20 was rolled first.

Achieve Counterspell

The spell has been placed. In addition, because the opponent does not possess a magical slot with a level high enough to instantly nullify your spell, they only have to create a capacity verification. 


Your spell is effectively clogged as they outscore your check. It is true that you have Silvery Barbs, but hold on. Normally, one could counterspell the Counterspell (yes, it is legal and yes, it does sound crazy), but Silvery Barbs is two magical levels below Counterspell, so it is less expensive, albeit possibly less effective, than Counterspell. 


When you cast a leveled spell that has a Reward Action casting period, you may only cast one spell per turn.

Strengthen Abilities

On a successful roll, Silvery Barbs can grant you or an ally Benefit if you lack the time, funds, or intensity to improve your ability. Moreover, since it does not require composition, you can combine it with guidance if you so desire.


It is important to note that Silvery Barbs are subject to certain restrictions. There are some areas where it lacks power. Bringing slots. It is anticipated that the spell slots for actors will begin to run out. Sorcerers may have concerns regarding the transfer of their spell slots into spellcaster points as a means of generating more first-level spell slots in the future.


It is possible for each creature to respond only once per round. Due to the limits imposed by the action financial system, a creature cannot direct Silvery Barbs more than once per turn. It is only 60 feet away. 


Generally, 60 feet of protection is sufficient in most fights, but an archer who dislikes spellcasters may stand 65 feet away from them and still be protected by that distance. In order to see the target of the spell, you should be able to see it. 


Due to the fact that many things in 5e require you to be able to see your target, being invisible or hidden from view renders a creature resistant to Silvery Barbs.


It is generally not the case that they have negative impacts. There is a problem with the cost of the spell. Due to the high cost of Silvery Barbs, their effects are also too powerful. Although the spell’s true effects cannot be altered, the expense can be shifted in one or more ways to make it considerably easier to cast. However, modifying the spell’s impact might still be beneficial. 


I suggest making a few modifications to the document. If you do not find a workable approach, discuss it with your group, try something different, and keep trying until you are satisfied with your approach. In order for them to be valuable, they must not be overbearing, even to the point of replacing other options. 


In this case, the level of the spell is higher than 2 or 3. When the level of the spell is increased, it makes casting the spell much more expensive and discourages sorcerers from casting Silvery Barbs repeatedly with all of their spell slots. 


It must be a good collection if it measures 30 feet. By requiring the caster to be close to the target, some risk is introduced as well as a limitation on the intensity of casting.


It is recommended that the 2nd Benefit effect be eliminated. Due to this, the advantages of Silvery Barbs are greatly reduced, which would have made them more competitive based on their price. It is necessary to re-roll the strike, check, and save. It is necessary to apply either an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on the destination. 


It is because of this that Silvery Barbs can even roll a Drawback, thus making it almost impossible to turn a Limitation if Silvery Barbs is present. It is permissible to make a saver throw. The target is avoided by them. Due to the availability of rescuing throws, Silvery Barbs no longer are granted, thereby reducing the degree of unequalness in the match.


As a powerful spell, silvery barbs are only restricted by a small number of DMs. As a result of its limited implementation of role-playing games. 


Due to its flexibility, it can be incorporated into any design that is suitable for running the application. It is not a particularly positive idea. If it is not obvious, forbid Silvery Barbs only if your group can use it in conjunction with a few of the solutions presented above.