Skateboard trucks vs Longboard trucks

If you are looking for longboard and skateboard guidance and information then must read the full article . Hope it will help you. 

Skateboard trucks vs Longboard trucks

They both look similar but when you notice there are many differences in them. That’s why people want to know the exact difference between them so that they can choose which suits them better. They can be used for exercise, transportation and as a source of playing. 

What is Longboard 

Longboards have derived after skateboards. But you know they became more popular in recent years. It is longer than skateboard.

Skateboard trucks vs Longboard trucks

Its size ranges from 30 to 59 inches. It is 9  to10 inches wider. Longboards typically have a tail and nose , flat. 

What is Skateboard

Skateboards are the primitive of boards. They are relatively shorter than longboard.

Skateboard trucks vs Longboard trucks

Its size ranges from 26 to 32 inches probably. It is 7 to 10 inches wider. Skateboards typically has a curved nose and tail, which makes it easy to handle. 

Longboard or Skateboard: Which One Is Best? 

A tricky answer well it depends upon your interest. If you want to wander in streets, quickly in crowded places then go for skateboard. As it is easy to handle.for beginners it is best to choose. Skateboard have smaller and harder wheels, so you will face a bumpy loud ride.

Skateboard trucks vs Longboard trucks

Moving to the other side, if you want to ride on long roads, freely ride in parks, and cover long distances then go for a longboard. As skateboards have longer and amazing soft wheels which helps you in a very smooth and fast ride. A stone coming in its way will probably never affect it.


Which is Safer Longboard or Skateboard

First and most important thing that you should keep in mind in using both is to use a helmet, because it protects you from severe head injuries.If you are a newbie to skateboard and longboard then first know the balance point of it. As longboard is long it is easy to handle and safer to use. So first know how to maintain balance on longboard than came to short skateboards. 



Longboard and shortboard both are great in their own terms. You must know your intent to get the one according to your choice. Both have pros and cons. Get yours and go on crusing rie with your friends, enjoy old and new tricks in street. Once you will learn the basics to handle than shift to desired more advanced boards. 

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