Stacy Poitras Revealed How Clint Eastwood Reacted On His Marriage Proposal

Stacy Poitras is an American stone carver who was brought into the world on January 01, 1967, in Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA. Starting around 2022, the time of Stacy is 55. The stone carver has collected strong total assets of $1 million with persistence and assurance.

He is in a married relationship with American Actress Alison Eastwood. They tied the knot on 15 March 2013.

They met for the first time on the set of the chainsaw gang. After their meeting of three months, they married each other. 

Here is an interesting story for you all which I think all you have to know is that Stacy poitras how they got yes from his father _in_law.

So let’s get to know the whole scene.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail TV Sracy told the reaction of her father-in-law.

China artist and reality TV star Stacey Poitras has revealed the nail-biting moment He asked Clint Eastwood for his daughter’s hand for marriage in the movie Hard Man.

Also In an exclusive interview with Daily Tea, Poitras said that Dirty Harry was fed up with his looks and that he questioned the screen legend about Mel’s marriage to his daughter Alison, after his trademark tough-guy. 

‘He looks at me like that,’ said Poitras, scowling. ‘You know,’ says Clint Eastwood, ‘I said in about five sec’ but it looks like five hours for me.

Poitras said Eastwood then told him: ‘I’ll put you with her first,’ in his famous husky whisper, to which the persistent artist replied: ‘Is it or isn’t it?’

I was thinking, “I can’t stand this bull,” he added.

He said yes son. And he shook my hand and I was like, that’s cool, he called me son. At least he didn’t call me somebody’s son, he said.

Poitras first talked about the memorable moment at a Thanksgiving dinner in Pebble Beach, Calif., nearly ten years ago.

This is how he agreed with her father for marriage.

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