The Best Tools For Freelance Writers!

To satisfy a client is the main object of a freelancer. Therefore, work as a freelancer requires some wise things to remember. And if you are selecting to do some work as a freelancer. Then you must know about the tools for working as a freelancer. With the help of these tools, you will be able to satisfy the demand of your client.

Here I will explain to you some useful tools that are best to use to satisfy your client.

The Basics

As a freelancer, the primary tool you will require o have is a PC or laptop with a word processor system. You can choose anyone from these. But the laptop is most preferred because it is a portable device. You can carry it anywhere. Because if you don’t want to work at home, then you can go to a coffee shop and work in a pleasant and relaxed environment.

It would help if you had a good processor for your system. But the good one is MS Word. And google docs is a more useful tool that is required by most of the clients for easy access.

Grammar Tools

If you want to stay in the world of freelancers, then you have to check your work properly before delivering it to your client. Your task is free from any error and mistake. Therefore, you must have a Grammarly account to highlights and remove the errors.

It is very unfavorable for any client if there are more mistakes in your work and more use of passive voice. Whatever, how expert you are in English, this Grammarly is a handy tool to deliver error-free work.

Some of the writers are using the free trial account of Grammarly and get wonder when they find less response from the client.


The most common problem for a freelance writer is “Plagiarism.” If your client realizes that you are spinning the work of other people, then it is terrible for you. Then make sure that they will never contact you back again. As it is the worst thing that determines the quality of your work.

Therefore, Grammarly app is a handy tool that will highlight your work for plagiarism. But the best in this regard id “Copyscape.” You have to upload your work file in it, and it will highlight the plagiarism. And then, you can easily change these lines to make your work unique and original.

Avoid Writing Courses

Most freelancers are spending most of their time searching popular niche before start working as a freelance writer. Therefore, your search may help you to place your work in the first place. Because a perfect selection of a niche can rank your work high in the search engine.

Moreover, freelancer writing services will offer you such writing courses to upgrade your skills. Their all promises are fake and false to add you to the community of top freelancers. Therefore, avoid all the counterfeit courses because they will get more fees from yourself and pay nothing.

You can only be a good writer by writing yourself. So do not trap himself in such courses to waste both time and money.


The above mention tools are the best tools that can make you a good writer. To apply these tools when you are deciding to work as a freelancer, and you will get a good response from your client soon.

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