The most interesting activities that await you in World of Warcraft

The world of Azeroth, in which WoW events take place, is quite large and diverse, largely due to the constant addition of territories from different updates, which intersect with each other and give the player new opportunities.

In World of Warcraft, several types of content await you, which can be divided into groups – the history of the continent, leveling, battles, research and economics.

All this can be studied evenly, or you can focus on one thing – the developers from Blizzard have thought through a reward system for any content and have largely removed dependencies from each other.

This means that you can engage in quests and grinding, but ignore PVP, or vice versa – fully devote yourself to battles and receive medals of valor to improve your equipment and weapons with priority for battles against other players.

If you go too far in your preferences for mechanics and gameplay and need to pay attention to other aspects of the game, you can always turn to the Skycoach service for help and get boosting, coaching services, or buy game gold for your gameplay.

World of Warcraft

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For all those who like to get more information about the history of World of Warcraft and at the same time receive tools for learning the main mechanics in the form in which the developers from Blizzard intended them, and simply receive step-by-step instructions for leveling up your character.

You will complete tasks, one by one, and even if you do not know the intricacies of MMO RPGs and do not combine story and secondary tasks and do not grind, then purely on the main quests you will be able to develop your character well, get weapons and armor and better understand the story Azeroth and the reasons for the confrontation between the Horde and Alliance factions.


For all fans of monster hunting who love Diablo and Path of Exile for such mechanics, where the overall gameplay can be based solely on the destruction of monsters that suit your level.

This can be your full-fledged choice for boosting in World of Warcraft, but keep in mind that after level 20, some locations become adjacent and if you move chaotically through locations and do not monitor your surroundings, you may encounter opponents who will interfere with your grind.


You can engage in crafting and collecting resources to master professions and provide for your character, or earn additional gold.

You can only choose two professions, so choose carefully and preferably so that they are related to each other.

Choose two gathering professions for pure gold earnings and simply collect herbs, ores, or animal skins and sell them to artisans through the auction system. By the way, this format goes well with grind.

Choose two crafting professions if you want to fully focus only on earning gold, but be prepared for a lot of work before your efforts pay off.

All thanks to the new order table system, where players leave orders for production and all the necessary resources, and you can take them to work for in-game gold. Accordingly, having two upgraded professions, you will earn much more game currency and at the same time continue to develop it.


Battles play a huge role in World of Warcraft, and many players engage in WoW boosting solely for the sake of large-scale battles between two factions.

You will be able to encounter and fight with players in locations to earn coins of valor for your triumphs and exchange them for special equipment with increased stats for PVP.

You will have access to an arena format where small groups of players face off against each other and will be able to receive similar coins and marks.

Large-scale battles for territories await you, which will determine the ownership of entire factions, and then large groups of players will come together in battle and resolve their claims to locations in equal combat.


The raid format is an interesting activity for fans of team play and all players who come in their own groups, or find real friends as they develop their character, then raids and dungeons will add special pleasure, especially since you can get unique rewards for defeating difficult bosses and leveling in WoW.

Raids are divided by difficulty level and when you pass one stage, a new one of higher difficulty immediately opens.

You need to go into the dangerous zone, where the boss and his guards will be.

You have to understand all his skills, some of which will be dangerous and deadly if you don’t quickly understand their effect and figure out how to counter them.

Remember that each raid will increase its difficulty and if you don’t figure it out now, it will be more difficult in the future.

You want a balanced group where each character has a role to play.

The tank will hold monsters and the boss on itself and prevent them from approaching supports and attacking heroes, giving them the opportunity to fully realize their potential.

The healer will help the tank and maintain the health of all heroes who need help and resurrect the dead.

With offensive heroes, you need a balance between physical damage and mass attacks and debuffs.

You don’t need a lot of mages because they will kill the monsters quickly, but won’t do much damage to the boss.

The warrior will cope better with the damage task due to stable physical damage and the ability to greatly accelerate it for a short period due to the rage effect.

Archers will be able to shoot enemies from afar, and warlocks will be bombarded with negative effects that will constantly reduce the enemy’s health.

For defeating the boss you can get a lot of enhancing equipment and weapons, including unique ones, which are difficult and sometimes impossible to get in any other way.

Particularly profitable will be epic raids, which are characterized by high difficulty and a large number of participants to enter the zone, but at the same time they also drop the best rewards and enhancements for your hero and provide the highest increase in experience and boosting in World of Warcraft.

Don’t worry about equipment requirements – all the necessary equipment drops from lower difficulty raids.

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