The Portal (pcnok) to Offer Many Patient Care Solutions

PCNOK (Patient Care Network) is the fundamental solution to assist chronically ill and elderly patients in the areas of health, care, and rehabilitation. Aside from that, PCNOK provides assistance to the aging population. Due to the Covid emergency, social distancing has resulted in limitations in movement. 

The Portal (pcnok) to Offer Many Patient Care Solutions

The increase in pathologies associated with a sedentary lifestyle necessitated the use of online solutions for remote monitoring of individuals who are vulnerable.

The need for a Patient Care Network Patient (Pcnok)

Patient Care Network of Oklahoma provides a technological solution that allows you to remotely monitor the health status of your patients. With the help of the devices that are connected to the network as well as the systems for sharing clinical parameters, you can do this at home. 

The Portal (pcnok) to Offer Many Patient Care Solutions

Health care professionals treating de-hospitalized or chronically ill patients will benefit greatly from this program. Additionally, it is highly beneficial for the elderly, who need to follow a long-term therapeutic program. Over time, they monitor the situation. PCNOK detects the detected parameters through wearable devices in an autonomous manner.

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Advantages of PCNOK

  • For the Patient

From home, the patient is safe and well cared for. With connected care, patients are able to follow their therapy and adopt the correct lifestyle. As far as the management of conditions is concerned, the system is autonomous.

  • Healthcare Professionals

In order to monitor the parameters at home, healthcare professionals receive assistance. However, the health workers operate in a smart working environment from the hospital operations center, which also allows them to monitor more patients.

  • SSN

Through Patient Care Network (PCNOK), it is easy to reduce access to the emergency room and the overloading of facilities. Furthermore, it allows those in real need of assistance to reserve home access. By providing remote assistance, healthcare professionals, patients, and their families are able to contain the spread of disease.

  • Family Members

Family members and caregivers will be continuously monitored by health personnel as to the relative’s health condition. Additionally, it keeps a record of acute anomalies. Both the system and the team are capable of detecting and resolving issues promptly.

  • Environment

In this method of transportation, it is the data that is moved rather than the patients or doctors, thereby reducing traffic and carbon dioxide emissions.

The Portal (pcnok) to Offer Many Patient Care Solutions

With regards to the evaluation of the reason behind the disease, it assists in transmitting data automatically to an operations center and sharing it with the care team in real-time. Using remote monitoring, the therapy can be verified as appropriate and continuous, allowing for a proactive approach. 


It is also useful for determining the correct dosage of medications. In the event of anomalies in the parameters, the system automatically alerts the healthcare staff so that they can intervene quickly and adapt the treatment accordingly.


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