The Tale of Nine Tailed Season 2 Release Date, Story, and Cast Details

Big News for K-drama fans: The Tale of Nine Tailed is going to be back with its season 2. The TvN’s famous fantasy series is currently under production and is expected to have two more seasons.

We don’t know when will it exactly premiere but one thing’s for sure, each season will have 16 episodes. This means that the story isn’t finished yet and there are 32 more episodes to watch.


Lee Dong-wook, Jo Bo-ah and Kim Bum will soon be seen on our screens as The Tale of Nine Tailed has been renewed for two more seasons. Probably, the second season will release in the upcoming year continuing the story of Lee Yeon and Nam Ji-ah. After watching the season, the only thing we wanted to know more about was “the underworld” . Now, it seems like that our wish is going to be granted. Hopefully, in the second season, we will get to see the adventures of the Nine-taled fox both in the underworld and mortal world.


Tale of Nine Tailed season 2 cast


We all witnessed at the end of the first season that despite reincarnated as human, Lee Yeon still has his powers. Indeed, it was not less than a shock but somewhere we all wanted this. There’s no doubt that The creators of The Tale of Nine Tailed finished it off in a remarkable way, leaving no loopholes. However, we still wanted to see more of the story. Each and every character got a well-deserved ending but there’s more than that to know.

We truly expect that The Tale of Nine Tailed Season 2 and Season 3 will provide us in-depth insights into the underworld and we will get to see all other deities as well.


Tale of Nine Tailed season 2


Moreover, we are expecting to see Lee Yeon and Nam Ji-ah’s eternal love in more detail. We know what you are thinking – we also want Lee Rang to be back but with an unexpected twist. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten Koo Shin-joo, Ki Yu-ri, Taluipa, and Hyunuiong. Our every favorite character from the first season will be back and bring many more new characters to our screens as well.

Stay tuned with us to know more about your favorite Korean Dramas!

Tale of Nine Tailed season 2

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