Theodora Richards Body Measurement and Net Worth

A renowned model, Theodora Richards has made a name for herself in the fashion industry within a short period. Moreover, she is the daughter of Keith Richards, one of the most famous singers of all time. 

Theodora Richards Body Measurement and Net Worth

His band is the Rolling Stones, a famous band that consists of English musicians, singers, and songwriters. Since she entered the industry, much recognition and fame have come Richards’s way.


Her family grew up in New York City, where Theodora grew up as Theodora Dupree Richards. Rolling Stones songwriter and singer Keith Richards is her father.

Theodora Richards Body Measurement and Net Worth

We know him for his songs, such as Struggle, Eileen, You Don’t Move Me, Trouble, and Heartstopper. Patti Hansen, a talented model, is to thank for all her modeling features. In addition to being a supermodel, Patti is also a television personality.


As a result of this hot model’s success, they inspired her sister to pursue the same career path as well. She is the daughter of one of the industry’s wealthiest stars, so it is not surprising that she was silver-spooned.

Theodora Richards Body Measurement

There is no doubt that Theodora was raised among the stars. A beauty like this knows her way around the show business pretty well. This American model keeps her personal matters private because she feels it’s better to keep them that way.

Theodora Richards Body Measurement and Net Worth

Because of this, the media barely mentions her. She weighs the same, is the same height, and has the same vital statistics.

Theodora Richards Net Worth

Theodora makes a lot of money as a model; there is no doubt about that. In addition, her father, Keith, has helped her to publish a children’s book.

According to some sources, Richards is estimated to be worth between $1 million and $5 million. In addition, it will increase at any time sooner, based on the speed at which she is moving. 


A photoshoot, brand awareness, and advertising campaigns are the only ways this American model can earn money.


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