* Tomorrow ” Korean Drama Story and Review

K-dramas never fail to amaze us and thus, here we are with another amazing series about Grim Reapers to watch for the next three months. ” Tomorrow ” is an upcoming Korean Fantasy TV Series.

It is set to premier on 1st April 2022 and will have 16 episodes. Expectedly, we will get to see two new episodes every week on Friday and Saturday.

If you are a true K-drama fan then you will be more than excited to know that Tomorrow will star many of your favorite Korean actors including  Rowoon from ‘ King’s Affection ‘ and Lee Soo-hyuk from ‘ Doom At Your Service ‘.

What is the Story of ” Tomorrow ” K-drama?

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According to the synopsis and trailer, Choi Joon Woong (played by Rowoon), the lead character will comes across grim reapers (angels of death) who will accidentally turn him into half-human and half-spirit. Following this incident, Choi will become a part of their team, joining their mission to save people from committing suicide.

Gu Ryeon (played by Kim Hee-sun) and Im Ryoog Gu ( are both grim reapers who work in the crisis management team. The angels of death are on a special mission to save suicidal people and meanwhile, they accidentally meet Choi Joon. Whereas Choi Joon is a good-looking and wealthy person who is in search for a job. Despite the looks and status, he is unable to get a good job.

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