Trump Openly Embraces And Amplifies QAnon Conspiracy Theories

Because ofWhile QAnon has been winking at Donald Trump for years, the president is now openly embracing the baseless conspiracy theory, even as it is associated with a growing number of frightening real-world events.


A Republican former president posted an image on Truth Social on Tuesday of himself wearing a Q pin overlaid with “The Storm is Coming”. QAnon refers to the storm as Trump’s last victory during which his opponents will be tried and possibly executed live on television.

Trump Openly Embraces And Amplifies QAnon Conspiracy Theories

During Trump’s consideration of another presidential bid and his increased involvement in the Republican primary process during this year’s midterm elections, he, rather than distancing himself from the political fringe, is welcoming it.


Unlike 2020, when he claimed he was unaware of QAnon but could not disprove its conspiracy theory, he has published dozens of recent posts regarding Q. They confronted the President with theories promoted by the group QAnon that Trump is saving the nation from a satanic cult of child sex traffickers. But they claimed ignorance and asked, “Is that something that is supposed to be dangerous? ”


Mr. Trump said in response to a question, “If I can help save the world from problems, I’m willing to do it,”.

Trump Openly Embraces And Amplifies QAnon Conspiracy Theories

Recently, Trump has posted images in which he refers to himself as a martyr fighting criminal, psychopaths, and the alleged deep state. According to QAnon supporters, an anonymous government worker with top secret clearance posted a cryptic message board posting called a “q drop” in late August. A Trump spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment.


Trump has amplified users who refer to conspiracy theories in his posts even if he does not directly mention them. Because of an Associated Press analysis, nearly 75 of Trump’s posts on Truth Social have endorsed QAnon by sharing its slogans, videos, and images. The profile bios of approximately one out of ten individuals contain QAnon language or links.

Trump Openly Embraces And Amplifies QAnon Conspiracy Theories

In Pennsylvania, Trump chose a song from the QAnon movement to close his rally earlier this month. In one of his recent campaign videos, he performed the same song called “WWG1WGA,” an acronym referring to the slogan “Where we go one, we go all.”


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