Urfi Javed’s sister Dolly was fearless, Wore Front Open-Top, Behaved This Way in Front of the Camera

Urfi Javed Sister Dolly: Urfi Javed frequently makes headlines because of her unusual dress sense. Urfi’s dress always makes everyone’s senses fly away whenever she appears in front of the camera. The reason for this is that Urfi’s dress is not only too bulky, but sometimes it is so bulky that when she wears it, the dress disappears from her mouth. 

Urfi Javed Sister Dolly

However, did you know that her sister Dolly Javed is no less a woman than Urfi in terms of her physical size? Take a look at the latest photos of Dolly Javed showing her braless.

Urfi Javed Sister Dolly

According to the most recent pictures, Urfi Javed’s sister Dolly Javed was wearing a revealing dress and going braless. Dolly is showing off her killer looks in front of the camera wearing this dress.


Throughout these photographs, the top of the dolly is supported by a string from the front. Consequently, Dolly’s appearance appears to be unwell. It can be seen in the picture that Dolly is wearing a pair of trousers of the same color with a brown blouse.

There is no doubt that Dolly is braless from the picture. Dolly’s body is looking even more bulky because of the deep neck on this top.

urfi javed sister dolly javed

These pictures have been shared with accompanying captions on Dolly Javed’s social media accounts. A caption by Dolly stated, “Butterflies come alive when they are close to you.”.

urfi javed sister dolly javed

As Urfi Javed did, Dolly also continues to share pictures of herself wearing more than one dress on social media. She receives fierce love from her fans. The other sister of Dolly, Asfi, also participates in social media very actively.


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