Virgin River Season 2: Will the Show Renew for the Third Season?

Virgin River season 2 came on Netflix in November, and the show ranked among 10 top streamer list. Fans are asking about what will happen next after the cliffhanger ending. Moreover, many are asking is there a third season of the Virgin River or not?

The show did not renew yet for the third show, so there is no guarantee of the next series. The second show was aired on 27th November and the first on 6th December 2019. At that time, no one knows either show will renew or not. So we can’t say that the third show will not come. Everyone will wait for the official announcement.

Virgin River season 2 ended with a massive cliffhanger, so hopefully, season 3 will start there and solve this mystery. Pandemic complications might not be so severe to prevent Virgin River from restarting production. The filming will be in British Columbia and Vancouver instead of Los Angeles.

Everyone is expecting that the production in British Columbia could be better than in Los Angeles.  Many Shows were canceled in this pandemic, and fans were worried about Virgin River; however, there are still positive signs about the next version.

Hopefully, soon we will get the renewal status of Virgin River season 3 and start exactly from where the second ended.  If you are waiting for the third season, you can watch the previous two seasons again; believe me, you will never get bored.

Hopefully, we will get the renew’s news if the third season very soon; stay tuned with us for upcoming details.

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