What Are The Eye Floaters? How You Can Get Rid of it!

Eye Floaters

Eye Floaters are the small spots, flecks, particles, crumbs, and cobwebs that drift through your vision field. They can be stand out when you are trying to look at some bright material. They can irritate you but they cannot disturb your eyesight. If you are suffering from a large size floater then it may create a minor shadow above your vision.

But you have to experience this problem in a very definite type of light. Normally eye floaters and spots are very common and are not a cause of alarm. Such floaters and spots are created when the small sections of your eye gel named as vitreous losses from the back inner side of your eye. From your birth to youth, the vitreous has a gel-like material but as we grow older it will start dissolving.

With the dissolving, it will liquefy and generate a watery center. In this case, the reaming specks of the gel start floating around it due to the watery center of the vitreous. These specks are in different shapes and sizes that are known as Eye Floaters.

3 Ways To Get Rid Of Eye Floaters

The treatment of the eye floaters depends on the reason behind this sickness. In some cases, the treatment is minor in nature. But when it gets severe then it may harm your eyesight and more. If this condition will harm your eye health then you may get rid of it by applying the following 3 best treatments.

Ignore Them

In some cases “do nothing” is the best treatment to get rid of something. Because in some cases these eye floaters appear and disappear naturally. If they are disturbing your eyesight then the fix decision of your mind for do nothing can cover it automatically. Therefore, there is no need to worry about such cases.


Vitrectomy is a surgery that is operated to remove the eye floaters from your eyeball. It will regulate the vision line of the patient. By doing this surgical operation the surgeon is able to remove the vitreous with the help of a minor cut. Vitreous is a substance that looks like a gel and appears to shape your eye.

However, the surgeons replace it with other substances that can keep the shape of your eye. Moreover, with the passage of time, your body system will again produce vitreous that will take the place of this substance.

However, Vitrectomy is not a permanent solution that can stop the eye floaters permanently. After this surgery, the eye floaters can appear again. But this can be operated in severe cases.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy includes a laser treatment that can hit the eye floaters directly through a complicated process. But in laser therapy, there is no need of any cut. And this therapy will break them to get disappear.

But it is a very risky treatment. Because, if the laser hits the wrong area then it may harm your eye retina. However, this is a very risky treatment and could not be preferred anymore.

While sometimes it proves very successful in some cases. On the other hand, some people are not feeling any improvement through this treatment.

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