Wife of Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz, sexual misconduct left me with depression, panic attacks, and PTSD

Former Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz’s wife, Laura Lentz, claimed she dealt with anxiety, depression, and PTSD following the scandal. On November 4, 2020, Carl got fired by Brian Houston, owner of Hillsong Globel, for “authority issues and business violations,” as well as “moral failings.” Moreover, On May 31, 2021, Lentz was accused of sexually assaulting his nanny.

First, if you don’t know about Carl Lentz, we will give you a short intro to Hillsong member Cark Lentz. On November 6, 1978, Carl Lentz was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the United States of America. He belongs to a Christian family. Besides that, his father’s name is Steve Lentz, and his mother’s name is Cathy Lantz. Talking about Carl’s siblings, he has three sisters named Bethay, Corrie, and Mary Lantz.

This pastor got married to an unknown lady named Laura Lentz. From our resources, we have heard that this couple has been in a relationship for a long time and married in 2003.

Wife of Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz

Carl started his professional life in 2010 as a Hillsong pastor. A sad incident occurred on November 4, 2020, when Carl got fired by Brian Houston, owner of Hillsong Globel, for “leadership issues and breaches of trust, and moral failures.” Plus, Carl’s kid’s nanny allegedly accused him of a sexual assault as well.

After hearing that news, Carl’s wife, Laura Lentz, got depressed and had PTSD disease.

Laura Lentz wrote an emotional Instagram post, declaring she has also suffered stress and depression since they left Hillsong Church. “I have dealt with so much personally, and I have never experienced anxiety or PTSD until this year! I have struggled with mild depression for many years, but it got to be so bad this year that there were days I didn’t want to get out of bed.”

After all these mishaps, Laura faces her pains and stresses, altho she remains optimistic. She said: “Although I wouldn’t wish my journey on my worst enemy (I apparently have a few), I would not change my story!! I know as I continue on my journey of healing, learning to put myself first, focus on my family and grow in my marriage, I can use my story so far to help someone else! It’s difficult. every day, I feel the trauma, the thoughts, and the memories. And geez, am I grateful to my therapists!”

She positively completed: “We all have scars from many life experiences, and I am choosing to see mine as BEAUTIFUL.”

After Carl got fired and that mishap occurred, they moved to another place with their three kids and started their new life joyfully, and they moved from the east coast of the US to Los Angeles. Still, the couple is spending their life together happily.

Wife of Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz

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