Woman Who Had No Friends in High School Is Now an Insta-Famous Comedian Earning Up To $1K per Post!

A woman who was a tone-announced non-conformer in the high academy is now a famous Instagram funnyman with nearly one million followers. She claims the platform helped her to get through depression.

However, Mya Erlikh was 31 years old. She was born in Russia but now living in Brooklyn, New York, told how her mama abandoned her when she was five years old. At this, she moved to the US with her father four times latterly.

mya erlikh

Later on, she didn’t speak a word of English, which redounded in her feeling ostracized at the academy, and she plodded to make musketeers.

She became the real estate agent and worked several times before deciding to quit the 9-5 life, which made her ‘miserable,’ and began making comedy derisions online and posting them.

While at the academy in the US, Mya said she plodded to make musketeers due to not speaking the language.

The beauty, who grew up in Russia, went from earning nothing on Instagram in her first six months.

Mya explained when I was five times old. My mama just got up one day and then left.

Moreover, Mya went on to become a real estate agent and worked for several times before deciding to quit the 9-5 life, which made her ‘miserable,’ and began making comedy derisions and posting them online.

My father had to principally raise me alone till he met my step-mama when I was 11. I’ve two sisters, and she had a son. I ended up getting close to her.

I tell my parents everything. Indeed effects that people don’t typically say to their parents.

My father brought me then when I was nine- times old. It was a tough transition going to the academy and not knowing the language.

Mya told how her mama left when she was five, and she was brought to life in America with her father when she was nine. Pictured left in 1998 and right aged 16 in 2002.

One of Mya’s vids went viral, landing her further than followers on her@damnhomie11 runner in under a time. Pictured one of her comedy posts

mya erlikh social sexy post

‘After that, I told my father I didn’t want to see her again. It was heartbreaking to meet someone that’s supposed to be so close to you, and you feel nothing.’

Feeling fed up in her job, despite formerly her dream career, she took the plunge and decided to do commodity differently.

When it comes to starting an Instagram runner, Mya stressed the significance of developing original content, chancing your niche, and sticking to it.

mya erlikh

She said, ‘Be original – find your style. The commodity that hasn’t been done yet. Copying someone will noway get you anywhere.’

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