YouTube New Design of Pinch-to-zoom on iOS and Android 

YouTube’s UI has been updated, with a new style, a pinch-to-zoom function, accurate finding, new buttons, a thumbnail maker, ambient mode, and an “even darker” dark option. Beginning today, all users will progressively receive the upgrades.


YouTube’s new pinch-to-zoom feature allows iOS and Android users to zoom in on videos to view more information. In August, Premium subscribers were able to test this functionality.

Precise searching will allow viewers to quickly locate a specific section of a film. Users may view a row of thumbnail maker by dragging the cursor or swiping up on the video, which is available on desktop and mobile. This assists viewers in locating the precise point in the video that they wish to revisit.

The upgrade to YouTube also features a new color effect called “ambient mode,” which employs “dynamic color sampling” to adapt the app’s backdrop color to the colors in the video that a user is watching. YouTube UX Director Nate Koechley said in an official blog post.


According to our understanding, the new impact is quite faint and mostly for aesthetic purposes. The goal is to lure the viewer into the material and place “a bigger spotlight on our watch page,” according to Koechley.

With YouTube’s dark look, ambient mode will be available on desktop and mobile. It will also be accessible through video playlists.


Another cosmetic modification will be the addition of new buttons under the videos. YouTube links in video descriptions are now buttons, according to the business, in order to “minimize distractions.” To make the website even more “eye-friendly,” the like, share, and download buttons will be redesigned and reduced in size.


In addition, instead of the bright red “Subscription,” the subscribe button will now be a black-and-white pill-shaped button.

These upgrades are unlikely to mitigate the impact of the most recent price increase to YouTube’s Premium membership plan for families. In November, the monthly fee will rise to $22.99.

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