How to Take Care of CBD Vape Pens- Longevity Tips!


CBD vape has unlimited consumers, making it a popular choice these days. Most people prefer CBD vaping because it is a supposedly healthier alternative that helps improve overall health and well-being. However, CBD vape is not exactly easy on the pocket and is an investment that you can use repeatedly.

One of the biggest mistakes people make with their vape is not being mindful of the consumption. If you are not careful with how you consume the vape, it might give up on you faster. If you don’t want your CBD vape to get over faster, you should incorporate a few tips in your life. In this article, we are discussing some of the best tips to make your CBD vape pen last longer. Here you go!

Proper Ways of Using a CBD Vape!

CBD vape pens are the best thing to give you deeper satisfaction without compromising your health. However, they are tad bit more expensive, and investing in them frequently can cause financial constraints. You can make your CBD vape pen last longer if you use a few tricks. Here are some:

  • Invest in High-quality Devices

There are a lot of companies that make exceptional CBD vape pens, but they are a little expensive. Unfortunately, many small-scale companies are coming up with CBD vape pen dupes that don’t have great quality. These dupes are affordable, but they don’t work as well as a high-quality vape pen would work.

If you want your CBD vape pen to last longer, you should in a high-quality device. The high-quality devices have safe and durable materials like glass and wood. Cheaper CBD vapes are generally made up of cheap plastic that gives up on you faster.

  • Charge Properly

One of the biggest mistakes that most people make is that they don’t charge their CBD vape properly. Charging your CBD vape properly is one of the best ways to make your CBD vape last longer. You should never let the battery exhaust completely before charging the vape, as it makes it weaker.

On the other hand, you should never leave your battery to charge overnight. It can damage the battery or expose the vape to chances of overcurrent and overheating. If you have a high-quality vape, it probably has an overcharging controller that helps protect the battery.

  • Don’t Prolong the Puff

Some people don’t get enough satisfaction until they prolong the puff length. While you can get deeper satisfaction with an intense puff, it can make your vape’s life smaller. It is best to time your puffs and inhale enough to hit the right spot. The right puff length is one second; don’t try to prolong the time, as it makes the e-liquid run out faster.

If you have a hard time taking small puffs, you should practice for a little while until you get used to it. Longer puffs make the e-liquid run out faster and the tank needs frequent refills. If you don’t mind refilling the tank repeatedly, you can continue with longer puffs.

  • Don’t Over-tight the Contact Points

Smaller things can greatly impact the quality and longevity of the vape. One of the mistakes that might seem pretty small, but makes a huge difference is over tightening of contact points. Some people over tighten the contact points to keep everything together.

However, overtightening can ruin your experience as it restricts the flow of air. If you want to have a positive CBD vaping experience, make sure you connect the battery to the tank properly. It helps in regulating the CBD vape function, providing a seamless flow of liquid.

  • Store in the Right Temperature

Storing the vape in the right conditions is crucial as it directly impacts the battery’s health. Some people don’t pay enough attention to how they are storing the vape. It is best if you keep your vape in the box it comes in to avoid deteriorating its battery faster.

There is no need for you to store the vape in a cooler environment, as it takes longer for the battery to heat up and function. Similarly, keeping your CBD vape pen in a hotter environment can cause the internal parts to heat up and dissipate energy faster. It is best to keep the vape at room temperature so that the battery doesn’t have to work hard.

  • Clean Your Tank Regularly

Cleaning your vape is equally important as it is to fill the tank for intense flavor. Many people don’t even know that their vape can collect dirt and debris. If you don’t clean your vape often, you might not get stronger satisfaction from it.

It takes less than 15 minutes to clean the vape, but it helps drastically improve the experience. You must separate all the parts, wash and scrub them thoroughly. Before reassembling the vape, it is important to let the parts dry completely.

  • Don’t Forget to Change the Coils

It can be highly disappointing if your vape dies on you randomly one day. The thought of paying for a new CBD vape puts you under a lot of stress. However, you don’t have to get a new vape if such a thing happens because it might just be a coil failure.

If you replace the coil frequently, your vape will function properly and give you deeper satisfaction. The coil collects the residue, and after a while, you start to get a burning taste. If you want to get a better flavor and experience, it is better to replace the coil every 3-4 weeks.

  • Avoid Overfilling the Tank

There are two types of mistakes people make that affect the longevity of their vape. Filling the tank too much or not filling at all are the two mistakes you might be making. If you are overfilling the tank, you should stop right this instant as it can cause faulty cartridge or leaky tank.

Make sure to not fill the CBD vape tank to the brim or to the point of leakage. For some people, an overfilled tank might not be a big deal. However, taking care of the smaller things make sure your vape lasts longer. You can get high-quality CBD cartridges from here:

Here’s How to Clean the CBD Vape Regularly!

Regular cleaning of any electronic devices you have makes sure they work steadily for longer. If you have not been cleaning your CBD vape properly, you are making a huge mistake. Here are some steps to clean your vape and make sure it functions smoothly for longer:

  • Separate and Clean

The first step of cleaning the CBD vape is to make sure you unscrew the parts and separate them. There is not a right or wrong way of separating the components, follow the guide books. Usually, a manual comes with CBD vape pens to let you know how to take care of them. 

You can use the guide or use the internet for more information. Cleaning the parts separately is easier and makes sure you get dirt and debris out from the depths.

  • Wash and Scrub All the Parts

Once you disassemble the CBD vape pen, it’s time for you to scrub and wash the parts. You can soak in the washable CBD vape pen parts in dish soap and water mixture. It helps in loosening up dirt from narrow spaces. After some time use slight water pressure to rinse the components and get everything squeaky clean.

  • Use Cotton Swab and Alcohol

If you are unable to get dirt out of a narrow space even after soaking it in water, you can use a cotton swab. Make sure to dip the cotton swab in alcohol and clean narrow spaces with it. It helps loosen and remove dirt and debris from the surface. On the other hand, you can use a damp or dry paper towel to remove dirt from the mouthpiece.

  • Reassemble All the Parts

After thoroughly washing and scrubbing each component, keep them on a paper towel to air dry. Reassemble the CBD vape after each component is dry. You will notice the flavors flow better, and you will feel deeper satisfaction after cleaning the vape.

Key Takeaways!

CBD vape pens are the best invention as they deliver deeper satisfaction with compromising your health. However, it is essential to take care of your vape because they are harder to replace and expensive. The tips in this article will help you increase longevity!

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