Culture | Sojourn to Shangri-La

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There’s plenty of ways to take in LA, but going classic has got to be one of the best options. Old school glamour is the name of the game and Hotel Shangri-La is one of the best places to find it. Fiasco’s Soki Mak takes a trip.

Music | Becoming Ella Eyre

Music & Film

One of the most recognisable new voices in the UK right now, Ella Eyre, gives a little insight into the workings of her mind and music in this beautifully shot short for VEVO’s Lift Artist series, following in the footsteps of Gorgon City and Sam Smith.

Music | Interview: MNEK

Music & Film

Sat in Uzoechi Osisioma Emenike’s small, slightly over-warm studio in Shoreditch, and beneath the watchful gaze of an old animal skull the last owner left on the wall, the evidence of his burgeoning careeer is on the walls in a series of framed metallic CD’s. They mark his sales, his number 1′s with A.M.E and Duke Dumont, and Becky Hill, his impressive track record as a writer and producer, which is made even more enviable by the fact that MNEK, as you’ll know him, is still a teenager.

Beauty | New Product Must Haves!


You know that feeling – you see an advert or simply a shiny, pretty new package on the shelf and think ‘I want that’ but who knows if it’s really going to work. And are you wasting those hard earn bucks on yet another mascara that promises lush lashes but delivers gooey clumps? Our beauty editor Salina Thind tells you which new products are worth taking home.

Music | Jenny Lewis ‘Just One Of The Guys’

Music & Film

If like me you haven’t wondered what Rilo Kiley’s vocalist Jenny Lewis has been doing in her spare time this might come as a surprise but clearly she’s been working her little black book until the thing had an aneurysm, squeezed out the last of its famous people juice and died. But its legacy remains of rounding up Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway and Brie Larson to glue man fuzz on their faces and walk around like they’ve got piles in the name of art. Or music. Or “my video needs some serious YouTube hits and this is a surefire way of getting it.”

Music | Lykke Li ‘Gunshot’

Music & Film

Lykke Li returns with this disturbing video to accompany the song she says she wrote after meditation. ‘Gunshot’ is “the moment in a relationship where you’ve fucked up and some things you can never take back. I think that a lot of people can relate to that moment where it’s just gone forever.”

Beauty | TIGI Bed Head ‘Urban Antidotes’


Got a thing for high heat, swimming, bleach or gallons of hairspray? Then it’s likely your hair is screaming for some loving, and Bed Head are stamping their mark on the follicle recovery market with the launch of their Urban Antidotes, which comes with three levels of TLC.

Music | The Vines ‘Metal Zone’

Music & Film

Craig Nicholls’ The Vines has hardly been exemplary of a smooth running creative process. Members who either stormed out or were sacked, music that was either hailed as genius or catastrophic, albums needing to be be self-funded and Nicholls’ Asperger’s condition that seriously derailed the band for a time. It wouldn’t be a stretch to understand that The Vines would ever be a vital band once more.

Music | Book Review: The True Lives of My Chemical Romance

Music & Film

As far as guitar bands go they have a time honoured quota to ideally fill, that of sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. My Chemical Romance had an abundance of the latter, not so much the former and, despite documented troubles with pills and alcohol, they weren’t off the hook stewed junkies either. MCR always spun a good story, mostly via Gerard Way’s vivid imagination – their greatest tales were in their song titles and lyrics – but they seemed a band of tight ranks and, mostly, tight lips when it came to peeking behind the stage curtain.

Music | Interview: Hannah Wants

Music & Film

We’re aware that electronic dance music is a male-dominated scene, particularly in the commerical/mainstream arena, but Hannah Wants is breaking through that glass ceiling. She’s a self-taught DJ who honed her talent at a young age, playing hard-hitting house sets in her hometown of Birmingham before taking her skills to Ibiza to cement her reputation. We caught up with the wunderkind to talk festival life, wardrobe and just who would feature on her perfect line-up.

Music | Interview: Netsky

Music & Film

Netsky, the softly spoken Belgian drum and bass DJ, songwriter and producer has returned with the ambitious, almost cinematic blast of ‘Running Low’ (featuring The Gossip’s Beth Ditto), a prelude to a full album, his first in two years, due later this year. He’s readying a progression of his work and, in part, moving away from what his fans are accustomed to. And, of course, there’s those incendiary comments by Deadmau5 about the future of EDM that rattled through the scene like a brushfire. We talk growing up, moving on and the status of the scene he’s risen within.

Music | Icona Pop ‘Get Lost’

Music & Film

It’s been over two years since ‘I Love It’ was released and the multi-million unit seller seems to have been the duo’s highest point. No doubt anyone would struggle to match that kind of success but they’re still out there and still crafting damn decent pop music. Their next single ‘Get Lost’ has made its way online for your delectation. The intro is, dare I say it, deeply similar to Enrique Iglesias’s ‘I’m A Freak’ and that’s a comparison I never thought I’d have to make.

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