Put the Phone Away! 3 Reasons Why Looking at It Before Bed Is a Bad Habit!

Most of the people carry their smartphone under their pillows every night before sleeping like a trusty pet. So that they can answer any notification of email, message, and call even during sleeping hours. But this is not a good use of technology like never logging off and always available to connect.

But you can never imagine how secretly your smartphone is disturbing your mental health and sleep. And what is your bad habit, is turning on your phone when jumping to bed for sleep. It also can have a wrong impact on your overall fitness and well-being.

Whereas, some sleep disorder experts are discovering some habits of sleep-sabotaging. And I will discuss these three habits with details as under:

It Keeps Your Mind Psychologically Engaged

This invention of smartphones develops to make our life easier to be productive overall. These android phones are made to assist us and to keep us informed and connected during working hours. They can provide us some hours of entertainment. But your brain needs more information and freshness when you are going to sleep. Then it is time to give some rest to your brain to think about the whole day.

But when you turn on the screen of your mobile, it can disturb your brain and consequently, you are becoming more awake. And your habit will turn into the worst when you are still available and online in sleep hours.

In this way, your mind became awaked and disturbed when it faces light in place of peace and rest. This will harmfully affect your brain health and you are looking sleepy and tired besides having long sleep hours.

The Blue Light From The Screen Suppresses Melatonin

Besides all, the blue light coming from the phone’s screen is not only bad for your eyes, but also affecting the health of your brain. According to the experts, there is a positive relationship between exposure to blue light and suppressed melatonin levels. Melatonin is a hormone that controls your sleep to wake cycle. And it gets disturbed when you are awaking while in the hours of sleep.

Moreover, the blue light that is coming out from the screen is similar to the daylight. This will recommend your brain to be active through the hormones. And it will tell you about the night hours when it getting dark.

Therefore, the blue light late at night will disturb the internal body clock that runs according to the day time. Therefore, it is seeming sleeping hours when you still awake at night. This will damage your brain health when it is pursuing peace and dark but you are getting busy while turning the phone light on.

The Alerting Properties Delay REM Sleep

You are very well known that it is disturbing your brain when you are logging on Facebook at night. The posts you are reading may upset you. Even when you are seeing something good around you will make you happy. This sudden response to feeling good can prolong your sleep. And consequently, these happenings will delay the “REM Sleep”.

These feelings will make you awake for several hours. When you are using mobile before sleeping will disturb your hours of peace, anxiety, and freshness that requires to have a good sleep.

Moreover, this smartphone is made to make you entertain and informed in working hours. But it gets opposite when you are turning it on at night before going to bed. It will make you more disturbed, keep you awake, and delay the “REM Sleep”.

So What Should You Do?

But in this condition, I will tell you what you should do? You have to detach from your all devices before one hour to sleep. Moreover, it is good to turn off your smartphone just 30 minutes before going to bed.

Even your TV, LEDs, and tablets are less harmless as it will permit the blue light. But your smartphone comes first for using late hours to disturb your internal body clock and sleep. It is very harmful to go opposite to your body clock. It will disturb the whole system of your body. Therefore, set the timings and turn off all the devices before going to sleep.

Moreover, it is essential to create a cool and dark environment to have a good sleep and take a good rest. This will make you more active and productive for long working hours.

Therefore, limit the screen usage activities and do such activities at night that can promote your sleeping hours.

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