Black Clover Filler List & Black Clover Anime Guide

The series aired 149 episodes with only 10 filler episodes announced despite the fact that black clover filler anime has such a low filler rate of under 7% despite finding true success.

Black Clover Filler List & Black Clover Anime Guide

The black clover filler is Shonen Jump’s surprisingly strong competitor, which Shonen is currently riding. There are many fans of this show who enjoy the characters, the liveliness, the battle scenes, and other emotional and humorous moments.


A black clover filler anime series began airing around 2017 and has recently been made a continuous series with new episodes being released on a regular basis. Throughout the series, the main character, Asta, is trying to accomplish his objective of becoming a Wizard Lord. There is no doubt that the Wizard ruler is the most impressive mystical champion in the realm, much like the Hokage in the Naruto universe.


There is a significant variable that applies to an existence where everyone possesses mysterious property abilities (such as fire wizardry, water enchantment, wind wizardry, etc.). In order to avoid abandoning his fantasy, Asta chose to follow his own path with hard preparation, and one day, devilish powers picked him up and granted him a 5 leaf interesting Grimoire of Anti-Magic abilities.


In other words, he is capable of killing any enchantment with his enemy of wizardry blades. Also, this was the beginning of his endeavor to become the ruler of the Clover realm as a Wizard. As of this date, this series has circulated 149 episodes with a total of just 10 filler episodes, regardless of finding true success as black clover filler anime has such a low filler rate at just under 7%.


As long as you choose to watch them, you will likely experience a pleasant and euphoric experience.


In spite of this, many fans wish to avoid these fillers since they draw attention away from the main storyline. This is why we have prepared a Black Clover filler list that will assist you with skirting those episodes.

Fast Black Clover filler list

There are only filler episodes in these episodes: Episodes 3, 29, 66, 68, 82, 123 to 125, 131, and 134 to 135 of the season. The following episodes are mixed with fillers: Episodes 2, 8-9, 30, 69, and episode 102.


Moreover, the remaining episodes are standard and follow the first manga storyline. Throughout the article, we referenced the black clover filler circular segments episodes, so please be sure to read them as well.

Black Clover Episode List

The following is the list of all-black clover filler bends with the episode planning and synopsis.

Curve 1 (Episodes 1-13)

As part of the anime presentation, we observed Asta and Yuno living as vagrants at the Hage town church. Within a few months, they will have reached the age of 15 and will be able to accept their grimoire to become a member of the enchanted knight’s crew.

Black Clover Filler List & Black Clover Anime Guide

Prison Exploration Arc (Episodes 14-19)

During the second circular segment, known as the Dungeon Exploration Arc, Asta’s Black Bull crew worked alongside Yuno’s Golden Dawn crew to investigate a prison located at the boundary between Clover and Diamond Kingdoms.


Whatever the case, when Diamond Kingdom’s most seasoned warriors appear, this investigation transforms into a controversy. Additionally, Yuno has acquired a breeze soul here.

Regal Capital Arc (Episodes 20-27)

The wizard ruler Julius Nova Chrono greets Asta and Yuno for their excellent service after they have completed and achieved success at the Dungeon Exploration mission.


In the course of the celebration, an undead army is sent to capture the capital.

Eye of the Midnight Sun Arc (Episodes 28-39)

There is a bend about the ascent of a pack of spiritualist contenders who have some strange abilities with an obscure leader, very similar to Akatsuki but not quite as strong as them.


The circular segment begins on a snowy territory where children are routinely captured by obscure individuals or possessions.


Moreover, this case was reported at Black Bulls because one of the party’s younger siblings was grabbed. The matter will be handled collectively by Asta and Gauche at the moment.

Seabed Temple Arc (Episodes 40-50)

Wizard lord sent Dark Bulls group to the island under the ocean in return for relinquishment of an enchanted stone also under the care of the Eye of Midnight Sun. At the moment, they are on the verge of recovering that stone.


As for the island head, he won’t just hand over the stone, and he declares a finish against dark bulls group against his group.


Eventually, someone from Midnight Sun appeared at that ocean island sanctuary, and he caused destruction. Furthermore, Noelle was able to overcome her apprehension about her enchantment as a result of overcoming that portion.

Witches’ Forest Arc (Episodes 51-65)

As part of this curve, there are 15 episodes in which the Black Bulls successfully obtain the enchanted stone from the Ocean Sanctuary; however, Asta is harmed, and his two arms are revealed during the battle with the Midnight Sun.


Currently, the entire group is attempting to find a cure for Asta’s hand; however, there is only one method available to them, and that is through the Witcher’s sovereign.


As a result, Venessa returned to her mother and got together with her since she was the witcher’s sovereign. However, this turned out very differently, as she only needed to kill Venessa and her group to succeed.


Venessa opens her second ability “controlling the fate string” in an attempt to save them.

Natural aquifers Training Camp Arc (Episodes 67-72)

The hand of Asta has recovered, and they are currently on one more mission with the Diamond Kingdom in order to overcome the 12 PM sun of another part of the diamond kingdom.


Meanwhile, Midnight sun’s chief, Licht, almost killed Fuegoleon for getting an enchanted stone from him, but somehow he survived and lost an arm. Currently, his sister Mereoleona Vermillion is in charge of Crimson Lion’s crew.


By doing so, she welcomed his crew, Yami, Asta, Yuno, and Noelle, for the preparation of underground aquifers. In other words, it is the preparation for better and more efficient control of mana.

Imperial Knights Arc (Episodes 73-84)

A battle between Asta, Yuno, and a number of other sorcery knights takes place to determine who will be the Royal Knight. The winner of this competition will become a part of the Royal Knights with the mission of capturing the Midnight Eye of Sun’s base.


It appears that Asta cooperated with an obscure individual known as Xerex. Xerex has a disdain for debased knights of any kind.


When Clover realm encounters 12 PM sun’s men during the center battle, it becomes apparent that one of them is between them.

Rebirth Arc (Episodes 85-120)

A greater number of episodes have been recorded during this bend than during any previous bend. In total, 36 episodes have been produced.


In preparation for the attack on the foundation of Midnight Sun, all knights have been selected. Asta is a member of Asta’s competition team, and Yuno is also a member. Informally, Xerex has been identified as one of Black Bull’s components.


This is where the deadliest battles between Royal evenings and Midnight sun take place.


In the meantime, Julis was killed by the Midnight Sun, and Licht succeeded in resurrecting the Elf clan.


As a result, things did not end well for the Licht, Demon escaped into the Clover realm and is currently being stopped by the Licht.

Bend 10 (Episodes 121-131)

Due to the fact that this bend is currently progressing after the battle with the evil presence mythical person clan’s misconception has been cleared up, it will remain anonymous. Furthermore, Clover realm is currently in a state of recovery. There are, however, still issues with Asta, since he suffered casualties on occasion as a result of Demon attacks.


In this case, he was captured for the preliminary round, however, Black bulls appeared at the right moment in order to save him


Upon the request of the wizard ruler, dark bulls have been given the opportunity to investigate evil presences on unfamiliar grounds. They were led to the Heart realm after their Queen Loropechika was tainted with the evil presence of Magicula as a result of their examination.


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