Cassandra Leppan: Biography, Husband, Kids, Net Worth & More

Cassandra Leppan is well-known as the spouse of the former South African WWE wrestler Raymond John Leppan, who was famous as Leo Kruger or Adam Rose. He was a prominent personality in Florida’s WWE events.

Cassandra was born in the early 1980s, but her birthplace and parents are unknown to the public. She is most likely of mixed ancestry. Aside from her celebrity, she is also known for being a committed wife and mother.

Cassandra Leppan Married Life

Cassandra Leppan married life 

Cassandra Leppan and Raymond Leppan married in 2010. While there isn’t much information available about how they met or their wedding, it is known that they are still married and haven’t divorced. Raymond and Cassandra have had their ups and downs, but they have remained married.

Cassandra Leppan Children

Cassandra Leppan children

Cassandra Leppan has two sons named Maverick and Levi. Born in 2011, Maverick is the older of the two, while Levi came into the world in 2014. The two brothers share a strong bond and are very close to one another.

Levi appears healthy and cheerful, whereas Maverick is a child with special needs. Both parents strive to provide the finest possible life for their children.

About Son Maverick’s Health

Cassandra’s eldest son was born with an uncommon defect in his abdominal wall. This congenital disability caused a part of his liver and intestines to be outside his body, which required immediate surgical intervention.

According to his medical prognoses, Maverick, her kid, has already undergone several surgeries and has lived longer than anticipated. He was fed for a period via a unique tube in his stomach.

Because of his health condition, Maverick will likely have special needs for most of his life. However, he has already surpassed his life expectancy, and with the swift progress in medical technology, his future looks increasingly promising.

Cassandra Leppan Net Worth

Raymond Leppan, also known by his stage names Adam Rose and Leo Kruger, is married to Cassandra Leppan and is pretty wealthy. People think he has around $5 million.

But, this amount may not be accurate since the family spends a lot on their son, who has special needs, and medical bills.

In 2016, some people said the Leppan family had money troubles, especially when Raymond got suspended from work and faced other problems. However, this was a false story.

Raymond made much money through his career with WWE, selling products and being part of video game deals. He is still a well-known figure today.

Controversy Over Domestic Violence

Cassandra Leppan Controversy

Many people who have followed Cassandra and Ray Leppan, also known as Adam Rose, know about a difficult period in their lives. In 2016, Adam Rose was found to have a positive result on a standard drug test, but it was actually because of the medicine he was taking for ADHD.

Adam Rose didn’t tell WWE he was taking this medicine, so he got suspended. Around that same time, he got into a severe argument with his wife, Cassandra, and she had to call the emergency number 911.

He took her phone away and was later arrested for domestic violence and trying to stop a witness from talking. He was put in jail and taken to the local law enforcement office. After that, WWE suspended him and didn’t say when he would be allowed back.


Who is Cassandra Leppan?

Cassandra Leppan is the spouse of former South African WWE wrestler Raymond John Leppan, known by his stage names Leo Kruger and Adam Rose.

When did Cassandra and Raymond Leppan marry?

They married in 2010 and have remained together despite ups and downs.

How many children do Cassandra and Raymond have?

They have two sons, Maverick, born in 2011, and Levi, born in 2014.

What is the Leppan family’s net worth?

Raymond Leppan's estimated net worth is around $5 million, but this figure may not be accurate due to family expenses, especially medical bills for their son.

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