Charlie Zelenoff Boxer Career, Girlfriend, Personal Life and Net Worth

Charlie Zelenoff is a famous boxing practitioner and unbeatable boxer. The nickname of Charlie Zelenoff is Z-money. He practices boxing in the gym and goes into self fixed fights with other people. It is said that he paid other boxers to come and fight with him.

You would be seen the news of his death in the past, but that is totally wrong news. Charlie is still alive and doing his best in boxing. He is the best boxer and recorded for unbeaten at 240. So his current record is 240-0, and more are continued.

Early Life

Charlie’s parents belong to Russian and then moved to the United States. So he was born on 27th July 1988 in Los Angeles, USA.  No, he is 32 years old. The height of Charlie is five feet 11 inches, and he weighs 76 kg.

We don’t know much about his educational career, but she went to Fairfax high school for early education located in California.


Zelenoff always had an interest in boxing, so he pursues his career as a boxer. He became a professional boxer, and his parents always provide him support that he was needed.

He loves boxing as he also made a youtube channel where he posts his challenges. Charlie has almost 20,000 subscribers and well known for his fight against other boxers. He is always active on social media platforms and replies to his viewers’ comments and opponents.

There is some interesting story about Charlie Zelenoff. According to He has a boxing record 0-1. However, he still considers himself the greatest boxer of all time.

He fought his first professional fight against Andrew Hartley in the Welterweight category. He was disqualified in the first match and never found a way to make a comeback into professional boxing.

At that time, he started uploading boxing videos on the internet. Many videos went viral, and also some videos made controversial, such as in one video he was fighting a kid. In another one, he did boxing with professional Deontay Welder and received heavy blows from Welder.

But the surprising thing is that at the end of the video Zelenoff claims to himself the best boxer. Besides, he also sparred with boxing legends in which Floyd Mayweather is also included.

Personal Life

Zelenoff married Daria Zelenoff after dating some years. He is really interested in her, but we don’t know how they met. He keeps his personal life quite a secret, even not share it on the youtube channel. The couple is living happily in California.

His wife supports her husband and always helps him to be concentrate on becoming a professional boxer. Daria really proud of her husband’s career and celebrate his victory.

Net worth of Charlie Zelenoff

His youtube channel provides him side income. He has 20,000 subscribers and millions of views on his videos.  According to some sources, Chalie Zelenoff’s net worth is almost $150,000 to $200,000.

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