Dude Perfect Members, Age, Family, and Net Worth

Because of Frisco, Texas, Dude Perfect operates as a trick-shot platform for world-record-breaking professional basketball players from high school who lived next door to one another at Texas A&M. In addition to its YouTube channel, the group has amassed an impressive 52 million subscribers.

Dude Perfect

A co-founder of the wildly popular YouTube channel Dude Perfect, Coby Cotton is one of five American co-founders. There are more than 52 million subscribers to the channel as of today. A majority of the channel’s content relates to sports and entertainment brands that specialize in trick shots and humor.


Dude Perfect Full Name • Members: Tyler Toney, Cory Cotton, Coby Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones
Dude Perfect Stage Name: Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect Born: 16 March 2009 (age 13 years old)
Dude Perfect Place of Birth: Frisco, Texas, United States
Dude Perfect Nationality: American
Dude Perfect Wife • Spouse: Not Married
Dude Perfect Occupation: Comedians • Sportspeople
Dude Perfect Net Worth: US$50 million


The Dude Perfect group consists of sports enthusiasts. In addition to being talented and good-looking, it consists of five members. Among the Dude, Perfect members are twins Coby Cotton and Cory Cotton, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert, and Tyler Toney. Each of these handsome men attended Texas A&M University. What is even more intriguing is that these five friends used to play basketball together in high school and were roommates in college.

Dude Perfect

The members of the group are Cory, Cody, Garrett, Coby, and Tyler, who formed the group on March 16, 2009. As a result of making basketball shots in their backyard and betting on sandwiches, the group was formed. 


On YouTube, they recorded themselves performing tricks at ‘Toney’s Ranch,’ formerly known as ‘Backyard Edition’. Upon checking the views of the video after a week, they discovered that it had received 200,000 views.

Dude Perfect

Moreover, in response to this video, they released a trick shot video. The photo was taken at the Christian summer camp Sky Ranch. For every 100,000 views of the video, Dude Perfect has pledged to sponsor a child from Compassion International. 


As a result, ESPN’s E:60 contacted the group later to conduct a segment on the topic. During this portion, Toney made a shot from the third floor of Texas A&M’s Kyle Field that traveled at 3.9 seconds. During that period of time, it was a world record.

Dude Perfect Life

As the husband of Bethany Toney, Tyler publicly discloses his relationship with her. It is important to note that their pleasure to announce the birth of their adorable son, Nathan Toney. The handsome Tyler is not shy about showing off his adorable family. Moreover, It is evident from the images he posts on his Instagram account that he has a good reason to flaunt. In his posts, he makes reference to the beautiful wife he has and his adorable son.

Dude Perfect

Tyler Cotton and Cory Cotton seem to share similar characteristics. On their Instagram accounts, both women have revealed their husbands and children. In addition to Amy’s husband, Cory Cotton also belongs to this family. Based on the Instagram pictures, she appears to be a ravishing beauty with well-defined contours. In addition to his role as a father, Cory is also a twin father. 


Alternatively, his twin brother is married to a beautiful woman named Aubrey Ellett. It is important to note that because of the photos Coby shares on his Instagram account, they are both happy in their marriages.

Kristin Hilbert, Garrett Hilbert’s cute wife, was married in 2011.

Dude Perfect

There are two sons, Lincoln and Owen Hilbert, and a daughter, Iris Hilbert, in this lovely family. Additionally, Cody Jones, the last member of the group, is married. In 2010, he married the beauty of his life, Allison Jones, after a long-term relationship. Moreover, he is a father to two amazing children, Landry and Lucy Jones.

Dude Perfect World Records

When Dude Perfect shot from the third deck of Kyle Field in 2009, they set a Guinness World Record for the longest basketball shot. They made their attempt to break the record from a height of 66 meters (216 feet), with the basket 45 meters (150 feet) from the tower’s base. 

Dude Perfect

Moreover, In March 2011, Dude Perfect unofficially broke their record again with a shot from the top of Reliant Stadium that lasted 5.3 seconds.

Dude Perfect Net Worth

Dude Perfect

It is important to note that Dude Perfect has amassed a net worth of approximately $50 millions, consisting of Tyler Toney, Cory Cotton, Coby Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, and Cody Jones.

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