Elsa Peretti Tiffany Jewelry Designer and Famous Model – Biography

Elsa Peretti, an unforgettable name and personality was born on 1 May 1940 and died on 18 March 2021 after living a respectful and luxurious life for 80 years. When it comes Tiffany’s 20th century jewelry collection, Elsa Peretti’s name popped up the first.  It might came as surprise that the jewelry pieces this Italian jewelry designer, fashion model, and philanthropist designed for Tiffany & Co have been featured by various famous museums throughout the world.

Elsa Peretti Early Life 

She opened her eyes for the first time as Ferdinando Peretti and Maria Luisa Pighini’s daughter. Her father, Ferdinando was the founder of an Italian oil company entitled Anonima Petroli Italiana. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about her mother and siblings. Elsa got her early education from Volpicelli School, Rome, Italy. Elsa completed her education in Rome and Switzerland. She got her interior design degree from Rome and meanwhile. she worked for the Milan Architect, Dado Torrigiani.

Before pursuing a degree in interior designing, Elsa used to teach French and work as a ski instructor in a German-speaking Swiss mountain village of Gstaad.

Elsa Personal Life

All we know about Elsa’s personal life is that she was romantically involved with a famous American photographer Helmut Newton. However, Helmut was 20 years older than her and already married.

Unfortunately, Elsa Peretti died unmarried leaving no children to carry on her legacy.


Elsa Peretti Tiffany legs

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