Five Ways To Cure And Prevent Chapped Lips!

Lips are becoming more chapped in the winter season. Because the cold wind is blowing nowadays and it is very common in cold weather. It makes the lip patchy and dry that irritates anyone. Therefore try to put some remedies so that you can get rid of chapped lips in winter. For this, apply some moisturizer on your lip before going to bed. It gives a nice tingling sensation to the lips and stays on for a really long time.

Here I will tell you some tricks that can help you to get rid of chapped lips naturally.

Don’t Lick Your Lips

A cold breeze can make your skin dry especially lips. Because lips are very sensitive and the soft skin of your lip get dry more easily. But when you lick your lips again and again then it will turn patchy and dry.

Therefore, do not lick your lips in winter days especially when your lips are dry. Because when you lick your lips it will also remove the oily layer of your lips. Licking can remove the oily layer due to which moisturizer can stay on your lips. That’s why it will lead to dryness. The salvia that includes in the digestive system can irritate your lips.

Use Lip Balm

When your lips get dry in winter then apply some lip balm on it instead of licking. Because a lip balm can lock the moisturizer of your skin and works as an occlusive agent. If you are living near coastal areas and want to go some riverside. Then you should carry some type of lip balm containing SPF to avoid dryness.

Consider Supplements

However, some medical treatments like isotretinoin can cause lip dryness. Therefore, you need some other supplements that you can use to avoid chapped lips. In this regard, the oil present in plants (gamma-linoleic acid) is very helpful to lock the moisturizer.

Moreover, other supplements like primrose oil also help you to remove dryness. Both supplements are very good to make your lips soft and oily in the cold and winter season.

Exfoliate and Moisturize

Do not afraid of getting cold winter that can cause chapped lips. But do not ignore it too because lips are the more prominent to sight on your face. So this part should not be as dry as it looks itchy and uncomfortable. Therefore, gentle exfoliation can keep your lips glossy and dryness will stay away. Moreover, moisturize your lips with a good quality moisturizer.

Drink More Water

Freezing wind can cause chapped lips. On the other side, in winter we take less amount of water. Less intake of water will make our lips more dry and chapped. More intake of water can make your lip skin hydrated and soft.

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