His descent into darkness is described by a former friend of a satanist who buried his victims in his backyard

It’s the story of a Satanist whose best friend Matt Flowers,  told the Daily Mail how he watched his friend descend into a life of darkness in the eight years they knew each other.

In addition, Flower said that being raised in a strict Christian religious home, Pazzuzzo always talked about demons who wanted to be a devil and styled himself like Drexel – the character of the dreadlocked pimp in True Romance played by Gary Oldman.

  Furthermore, by telling his house description he said that everything was quite organized and was a nice neighborhood with a pool in the backyard. There was always one room – the back room – that was off limits. Pazzo would not let anyone in there and the basement was always haunted. Flower said that he also didn’t go down there. But the rest was just like a party house.

Algrad’s autopsy revealed that he died of anemia from a wound that had punctured his internal left brachial artery. And he admitted that he now obviously had mental health issues.

Besides this, he also spoke in exclusive detail to DailyMail. He said that  Pizzou always told me that if he went to prison and couldn’t perform his rituals on the dark moon every month, he would kill himself.

As a result of being charged with first-degree murder and assisting the burial of two dead bodies discovered in his backyard that year, he committed suicide while in prison on 28 October 2015.

We conclude this article with Flowers’ words that he was the first person to say Algrad had committed suicide.


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