James Charles Bode Measurement and Net Worth

There are several celebrities whose names we connect to James Charles, a famous makeup artist. As a result of encountering James, Gage Gomez has also become a renowned model. 

James Charles Bode Measurement and Net Worth

In recent years, the duo has been involved in several rumors and controversies.


Long Island, New York, is the birthplace of this hot model. A group of friends and family lived there with him. Gage’s parents always encouraged his dream of pursue his dream. 

James Charles Bode Measurement and Net Worth

This is also why he was able to rise to prominence so quickly. No information is available regarding his parents’ names and whereabouts.

James Charles Bode Measurement 

 Models stand tall at 6 feet 1 inch, which makes them stand out in the crowd. The fact that gage ranks among the industry’s hot men cannot be denied.

James Charles Bode Measurement and Net Worth

The circumference of his waist measures about 28 inches, while the circumference of his hips measures about 31.5 inches. Those results are all the result of sweating in the gym.


Gym is one of Gomez’s favorite pastimes. However, he does not reveal his secret to having those flawless bodies when he is asked about it by fans.


Additionally, Gage prefers to wear 11-size shoes. The white texture of his skin looks amazing in any designer’s clothing. He has long brown hair and brown eyes, which sums up his appearance.

James Charles Net Worth

The modeling profession is one of the few that can bring you money instantly. Unsurprisingly, the Wilhelmina model makes so much money from his career. We estimate that Gage will have a net worth of $800k by 2022.

James Charles Bode Measurement and Net Worth

The advertisements, brand endorsements, photoshoots, and ventures have all contributed to their success. 


This man’s salary, annual income, and assets are unfortunately beyond the average person’s reach. A massive fan of Chris Evans, this awesome man also enjoys traveling.


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