Missy Bevers Murder Case is Unsolved Even After Six Years

Somewhere in the pile of unsolved murder mysteries, Terri Missy Bevers is still waiting for justice. Missy Bevers, a fitness instructor in Texas was brutally murdered in 2016 but her killers haven’t been found yet.

She used to give fitness classes at Creekside Church of Christ in Midlothian and this is where she was murdered on 18th April 2016. Apparently, it wasn’t a murder with motive but in fact, a robbery gone wrong. However, with an in-depth research, it was found that it was staged to look like a robbery.

Missy Bevers

The culprit came there with planning to kill Missy Bevers. Missy had various puncture wounds in her head and chest when she was found dead. The way she was murdered clearly proves that it was intentional and the murderer is surely someone who had grudge against her.

The police even found a CCTV footage of the suspect. It was clearly seen in the footage that the suspect was wearing a helmet, gloves, and a vest with “police” written on it. Moreover, the suspect was seen holding a hammer which matches with the description of the murder weapon. Unfortunately, despite all this, no one could find any useful clue against the culprit. They couldn’t even confirm whether it was a man or woman.

Missy Bevers

Missy Bevers’ husband Brandon believed that the culprit is a woman who must have had some problem with his wife. His husband kept trying for months to search the killer along with police but all in vain. After spending so many months in futile efforts, he gave up. Brandon sent an email to the crime stories podcast stating that for his children, he is ending the search for killer of his wife. Moreover, he wanted to memorialize his wife in a proper manner, without any disrespect. So, ultimately – he lost all hopes to find justice for his wife.

Missy Bevers

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