Noelle Watters Bio, Marital Status, Career And Net Worth

Noelle Watters became famous when she started work on TV. She has been having a bright career and is always known as the most recognizable TV Host. Besides, she also works as a fashion stylist.

She married Jesse Watters, and after that, she got more fame. Jesse Watters is one of them who got congratulations on his wedding by Trump. The couple has separated; let’s talk about in detail about her personal life and Net Worth.

Who is Noelle Watter

Noelle Watters was born in  New YorkAmeirica, and her father’s name is Peter Inguagiato. The name of her mother is Rosemary Inguagiato. She was born on 5th May 1976, so at this time, she is 44 years old.  Noelle got her bachelor’s degree from Fairfield University.

Marital Life

Noelle Watters famous for her married life with Jesse. They met with each other in 2002 on Fox. No one knows when they started dated; however, rumors say it happened in 2002 or 2003.

They dated for many years, and that was an open relationship. Many times they were seen in photos on social media.  Well, they decided to get married in 2009. We have no idea where their wedding ceremony is held.

The beautiful couple has blessed with two twin daughters on 4th November 2011. Their names are Sophie and Elle Watters.  However, after six years, the couple faced a problem in 2017.

Their marital life started to spoil due to the alleged affairs that Jesse was having. According to rumors, Jesse was having an extramarital affair with another woman Emma DiGiovine. Emma was working on  Fox as an Associate Producer. These allegations were hard, so she decided to ask for a divorce in 2017.

Many reports came about the Infidelity of Noelle’s husband was seen during the divorce.  Noella left the network in 2018, and Emma also left due to this affair. Noelle won her daughters’ custody and then moved to Washington, DC, along with her girls.

Net Worth of Noelle Watters

According to an estimation, the net worth of Noelle Watters is $1million.  The annual salary is $100,000, so it means she is earning $8,333 per month. Most of the earning came from Tv, where she works as a host for FOX.  Besides, she is also running a fashion line because she works as a fashion stylist.


No Doubt Jessy and Noelle were a beautiful couple, but Alas! their married life ended due to Jesse’s extramarital affair. Now Noelle Watter is working as a host on the TV and earning a hefty amount of money. Moreover, she is also taking care of her two beautiful twin daughters.

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