Pamela Alexandra Biography: Personal Life, Weight, Height, and Networth

Pamela Alexandra is an Instagram model who was born on October 31, 1988, in Brazil. She is a combo of her Swiss father and Brazilian mother in terms of ethnicity. However, she is known more for her curly hair, elegance and thickness on the right parts.

Pamela Alexandra Career

Pamela is an Instagram star with almost 4 Million followers. That’s why she is commonly seen advertising big brands on Instagram.  Moreover, she also keeps posting about insights in fashion. Except that there is some special Entertaining content in onlyfans of Pamela.


Pamela Alexandra Relationship

It has been more than 30 years of her life and we haven’t heard any rumors about her relationship and rings exchange. However, she hasn’t been in any relationship controversies.

We guess she is looking for something special for her and later that the only one will be her husband. Whatever it will be we hope the best for her.

Pamela Alexandra Net Worth

There is not any proper information about her salaries and earnings, But we can make an estimation from her work. The major source of Pamela Alexandra’s earnings is the photoshoots, brand endorsement, Ad campaign  and some other side hustles.

Keeping up in all of them we can say that the net worth of Pamela Alexandra is around $900K . But it also seems less for what she is doing and the effort she is showing for her work.


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