Chapelwaite Season 2: Cast, Plot, Release Date, Trailer, & More!

Chapelwaite is an American horror television series created by Jason Filardi and Peter Filardi based on the fascinating short story “Jerusalem’s Lot” by renowned American novelist Stephen King. The show begins its horrible journey alongside Donald De Line, with Jason and Peter serving as executive producers.

Chapelwaite premiered on Epix on August 22, 2021, and CTV Sci-Fi Channel in Canada. Additionally, viewers in India could watch the series via SonyLIV’s streaming site.

The series received a fair approval rating of 63% on Rotten Tomatoes and elicited varied reactions from its viewers. Nonetheless, the creators expressed confidence in the series’ potential and officially announced a second-season renewal.

As fans excitedly await the second season’s release, the burning questions on everyone’s minds revolve around the release date, narrative progression, and recognizable faces returning to reprise their roles. Stay back for further information as the hunting world of Chapelwaite continues to unravel its spine-chilling story.

Chapelwaite Season 2 Cast & Plot

Chapelwaite Season 2 Cast

Chapelwaite takes place in the 1850s in Season 1. Regarding Season 2, the creators hope to keep the time leap to about 25-30 years if it occurs.

During the first season, viewers were on the edge of their seats as they saw the world come dangerously close to surrendering to Charles’ foreboding vision. The terrifying photos showed human flesh strewn about, presenting a frightening picture of impending death.

We can anticipate the return of some brilliant cast members as we excitedly await the upcoming season. Adrien Brody, Emily Hampshire, Jennifer Ens, Sirena Gulamgaus, Ian Ho, Eric Peterson, Christopher Heyerdahl, Julian Richings, Steven McCarthy, and Gord Rand are among the actors who are anticipated to return to their roles.

Season 2 is expected to feature even more suspenseful storytelling, mystery, and outstanding performances from an all-star group. Chapelwaite fans should prepare for a new exciting chapter in this captivating story.

Chapelwaite Season 2 Release Date

Chapelwaite Season 2 Release Date

The show’s first season, which has ten episodes, debuted on August 22, 2021. Due to its popularity, the program was renewed for a second season, which will premiere on October 15, 2023.

Audiences can anticipate the new season’s debut during the upcoming months, even though the creators have yet to reveal the exact release date.

Chapelwaite Season 2 Trailer

Chapelwaite Season 2’s official trailer release has yet to be made public. In the next months, fans can excitedly anticipate its release. In the meanwhile, you can experience the thrill by viewing the Season 1 trailer provided below.


Is Chapelwaite Season 2 happening?

Yes, Chapelwaite has been officially renewed for a second season.

When will Chapelwaite Season 2 be released?

Chapelwaite Season 2 is set to premiere on October 15, 2023.

Which cast members will be returning for Chapelwaite Season 2?

Anticipated to return for Season 2 are Adrien Brody, Emily Hampshire, Jennifer Ens, Sirena Gulamgaus, Ian Ho, Eric Peterson, Christopher Heyerdahl, Julian Richings, Steven McCarthy, and Gord Rand.

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