I Was Reincarnated As a Baby Fox God Spoiler

“I Was Reincarnated As A Baby Fox God” is an enchanting fantasy romance manga that has captured our attention. Originating from Japan, mangas or manhwas are illustrated novels traditionally presented as comic books. Now, they’ve made their digital evolution and are available as e-books.

The captivating illustrations and riveting storyline make this manga far from mundane. However, the allure of spoilers can be irresistible for some as they rush to the internet to find out what happens next. We get the anticipation. Therefore, we offer comprehensive insights into “I Was Reincarnated As A Baby Fox God,” detailing the story from beginning to end.

I Was Reincarnated as Baby Fox God Spoilers:

The tale of “I was reincarnated as a baby fox god spoiler” unfolds with the shocking revelation of Princess Luenstella from the Kingdom of Roachim being killed by her very own elder sibling. Surprisingly, she was later blamed for her father’s death, Emperor Ranore.

Things twist unexpectedly when Princess Luenstella is given a second chance at life, reincarnating as the petite fox deity Shin Sushi-Gon. Yet, the kingdom’s turmoil doesn’t end there.

The northern ruler of the Roachim realm, Grand Duke Elharan, causes pandemonium. He seeks respect from everyone, from the Lord of Mount Ibador to the Emperor.

The mystery deepens around Elharan’s intentions and the reasons behind his actions. How will the reborn princess navigate this chaos? Is reclaiming her royal life even possible? Dive into the story to uncover these secrets.


Before reading I Was Reincarnated as a Baby Fox God spoilers, you should be familiar with the following characters:

  • Princess Luenstella Elharan, better known as Lanel von Luca, is the Princess of Roachim Kingdom.
  • Ranore, the father of Lanel, was the former Emperor of Roachim.
  • Seria, Lanel’s mother, is the Empress of the Roachim Kingdom.
  • Basilla Agris, Lanel’s elder brother, deceived the reigning Emperor of Roachim.
  • Ver Mon is Lanel’s younger brother.
  • Hiccup, Lanel’s other sibling.
  • Feiran Abelod, sometimes known as Ran, and Ballet are two other characters.


Roachm Loinstella Ilharn, also known as Loka or the Princess of Lenill, was going to the Emperor’s quarters to see her father. The Emperor was accompanied inside by his assistant. Lanel was tragically killed by his older brother, whom he once deeply trusted.

In a twist of fate, she is reborn, taking on the form of a young fox deity. Initially, harnessing her newfound mystical abilities proves challenging. Her petite form serves as a barrier, preventing her from accessing the memories of her previous life. Overwhelmed with feelings of betrayal and despair, she comes to terms with her new identity, living as Lucia or Luca.

Lucas’ father, Emperor Ranore, ventures back to the mortal realm, unraveling the mysteries of her true lineage. It is unveiled that he governs the Northern Roachim Kingdom and holds the title of Grand Duke of Elharan. Meanwhile, Lucas’ other sibling, Hikan, rises to lead the mercenary corps. Their mother, Seria, stands as the adversary’s wolf.

I was reborn as a fox cub. Story Synopsis with Spoilers

In the early chapters of “I was Reincarnated as a Baby Fox God spoiler,” Lucas’s elder sibling, Basilla Agris, has a sinister plan. He finally takes center stage as the manga’s antagonist.

He charms everyone, from the young to the elderly, and orchestrates enormous parties. Surprisingly, the Crown Prince and the Pope appear to work with Basila.

As the story unfolds, Feiran realizes he strongly affectionates the princess. Meanwhile, Basila wields The Elders’ Secrets, a revered organization that blends the energy of sacred beasts with people. Luca feels conflicted about whether or not to confide in Feiran.

Prepare for the most prominent spoiler in “I Was Reincarnated As A Baby Fox God.” Basilla’s motivation for taking Luca’s life arose from his deep annoyance and insanity.

He seeks an end to his frustration with Luca. As events unfold, Feiran discovers the true identity of Lucas, the princess, and, by chance, proposes his hand in marriage.

Arsihan, the gorgeous white hawk, appears. This new character promises to add additional dimensions to the stories of Luca, Basila, and Feiran. Dive inside the manhwa to find out how their fates connect!

Last Bite:

Interested in learning more about the genuine antagonist’s backstory? Learn about “I was reborn as a baby fox god” spoilers. The story’s central villain is Lucas’ elder sibling, Basila Agris. He orchestrates Luca’s demise, accusing her of murdering the Emperor, her father.

However, fate has other ideas for Luca, who reappears as a little fox deity with heavenly skills. As she gains control of her newfound abilities, Feiran, captivated by her, reveals his emotions and proposes a future together.

As the story progresses with intrigue, hardships, and heartbreaks, Luca appears to be on the verge of a calm existence with Feiran. However, the appearance of Arshihan and her father, the illustrious Grand Duke of Ilharan, foreshadows impending conflict. Will Luca find peace again, or is a bigger threat on the horizon? Stay tuned for a more in-depth investigation in a future post.


The royal heiress of Roachim’s realm was tragically murdered by her elder sibling. After being wrongfully blamed for their Emperor’s father’s death, she was resurrected as a celestial creature—a surprise twist in her story. But something didn’t feel right. The Grand Duke of Ilharan, Lord of the Idelbadour Peaks and the Frost Barrier, ruled over the northern parts of Roachim.

A person so powerful that even the Emperor approached him with concern. “Wait, am I now considered a sacred beast?” And my fiance…?” The villagers quickly dropped to their knees in awe, pleading with her for her blessings. Mirthful whispers tickled her ears as she sought to comprehend her new predicament.

“Look how powerful Lusha has become!”

“She exudes such vigor!”

“And what enthusiasm!”

Everyone is bowing to Lusha’s newfound power!” The ethereal entities surrounding her glowed with pride, proclaiming that mortals dreaded Lusha’s prowess.

They hoisted her into the sky, surrounded by a bright glow that seemed to appear out of thin air. Those in prayer were taken aback. “It’s the grace of the divine creature!” “All hail, young fox!” Lusha could only exhale a resigned sigh Kiiyu.

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